: should I Buy??????

02-01-10, 02:43 PM
Hello Guys

I need your opinion, I have a chance at buy a 98 catera with 59k on the clock the body and interior are perfect everything works I think its the base model because it doesn't have a cd player or changer and it doesn't have a moonroof, but it has a factory cellphone . I noticed on the test drive the temp gauge went a little above the middle and when I checked upder the hood there was a slight burning smell like oil and a little smoke when I check the oil cap there was water in the oil I thought head gasket until I checked the database here and faound out its most likely the oil cooler the dealer is willing to repair. My question is should I get because this forum says to stay away from 97, 98s cmon guys should I get it or continue to look thanks in advance

02-01-10, 04:08 PM
Depends on the price, if its say only 2000, then yes, the oil cooler is a very easy job too, and can be done at home in the garage...

If its too expensive then stay away from it.

YOu can find a 2000 or 2001 Sport for a good price these days, saw one go on ebay for 3400, white fully loaded.

02-01-10, 05:39 PM
I can get it for $3500

02-01-10, 06:57 PM
Too much for a 97-98 IMO.

02-01-10, 06:58 PM
Plus i'd never trust a dealer to repair something on a car IF you buy it from them. If they were going to fix it correctly it'd be done by now. If nothing else ask what they charge to do the job, take that off the sale price and do it yourself.

02-01-10, 08:54 PM
I'd let the Cadillac dealer do the oil cooler. The Cateras are expensive to maintain. Unfortunately, I found this forum after we bought our 99. However, if you got the time and money, it's a great ride. Bought ours for $2900, 78,000 miles, replaced ignition coils and MAF at $2200, two rebuilt trannys for $5000. I'm on 113,208 miles and I still love that gold diggin Cat!

02-01-10, 10:22 PM
I'd go find myself one that is 2000 or 2001, or 99 sport... and go with that, those can run around the same amounts...

3500 is too much for that year too... you will have other issues with it too, random electrical stuff that will drive you nutz.

I drive a 2001 now with 145K and its been a pleasure to own, runs on gas and oil and thats it...

Look on ebay, dont rush it!

02-02-10, 10:33 AM
Take a look at these finds on ebay...

Ebay Cadillac Catera 2000-20001 (http://motors.shop.ebay.com/Cars-Trucks-/6001/i.html?_catref=1&_dmpt=US_Cars_Trucks&_mqf=0&_qfkw=1&_sc=1&_sop=2&_trksid=p4506.c0.m273&_myi=2000-2001&_fpos=48124&_lsbx=0&_fspt=0&_flso=0&Make=Cadillac&Model=Catera)