View Full Version : V8 camshaft tool set help?

01-31-10, 12:38 AM
2 questions....If I did buy the "Matco Tools GM Northstar V8 toolset" how do you use it??? Ebay has a few but if I get the toolset, I will not know how to use it......Does anybody have instructions on how to use this toolset???...I can make pins to hold sprockets, etc.....2nd question....I've timed other simple engines but not a Northstar....Can I still time this engine without having to buy one of these kits??? Like I said in previous posts....My biggest worry is retiming....Any body can take things apart....But, can they put it back together the right way......Thanks for the help...Ryan

1997 Deville Concours

01-31-10, 07:57 AM
You really don't have to buy the special tools. If they are the ones that I am thinking about, one tool holds the tensioner in while the chain and sprocket is off the cam. First, I think it may get in the way of removing the head, and second I think you would need 2 of them. I explained how to do the timing in you other post. If you dont move anything, it shouldnt change.

01-31-10, 09:37 AM
Either get a Helm/GM Factory Service Manual from www.helminc.com or off eBay, or subscribe your car to www.alldatadiy.com

The entire procedure is in both manuals. Chilton's and Haynes do not address the procedure in detail.

02-02-10, 07:55 PM
Setting the timing correctly is easy - idiot proof almost. Maybe my memory fails me...correct me if I'm wrong, guys:

1. Set the timing marks for the crank and idler gears across from each other - so they line up, in other words.

2. Set the 4 camshaft timing marks at 12:00 in relation to the respective cylinder heads.

3. You are done.

Not sure why you would need any special tools, unless it was to replace a cam with the engine in the car, like Bigtone alluded to. Sure there are tensioners and guides and a few other things in the mix, but as far as actually setting the timing, that's it.