: rough idle

96 SLS
08-13-04, 08:52 AM
I just bought a 96 sls and other then some very minor glitches the car is a machine!!!. However, yesterday it started to run really rough at stop lights when I have it in gear and the a/c running. No codes have shown and the car has not died but it sorta sputters. I took it out on the freeway and cobbed it and it accelerated up to 90 but it seemed like it was missing a little HP. I have 87,000 miles on it and I am wondering if I shouldn't try a tune up and go from there. I was also wondering if it might be one of the 10,000 sensors the car has on it. Any help would be great. Thanks

08-13-04, 11:04 AM
If you just bought the car, it is always best to do a quick tune up. Then you will know what has been done to the car, as far as tune up maintenance is concerned.

I just went through a spell of running rough. My wife had driven the Eldy and gassed it up with some bad gas, possibly low octane. That is when it started. I ran half the tank out, put in an octane booster, then topped the tank off with some high octane from my regular gas station. My wife had used a station I have never used, not even for my 72 Olds. Like you, I wasn't getting any codes.

Let us know your gas situation. You egr could possibly need some cleaning.