: Torque Converter

01-29-10, 02:58 PM
This is my first supercharged vehicle so this may be a dumb question.

Is there any benefit to changing the torque converter on these cars?

01-29-10, 03:05 PM
If there was , I think someone would be coming out with one. Thus far not heard of vendor addressing the TC. I know tuners can put a drag program in that lets you
brake stall @ say 1,500 to 2000 rpm on the line. I have heard others expect the car to spin and it just goes.

01-29-10, 03:22 PM
I'm sure there are decent gains to be had, but with the small number of "V"'s out there and the likely miniscule number of people that would actually bolt true slicks onto their "V"s to take true advantage of the converter, this isn't an application too many trans companies would prioritize. Perhaps when the Z/28's start rolling out in #'s (if they offer them with an auto), they'll be some good converter choices out there and better information on the gains.

I've heard Jesse talk about modded converters he's either had himself or used on a customer's cars, so he might have some insight here. I know he posted about it recently.

EDIT: Found the thread:


01-29-10, 06:35 PM
I am 98% sure there is much to gain from a quality aftermarket converter. And, I am very conservative by nature, so most would flat out and say yes.

Try these guys:


There reputation is that they make great converters for the street. Big gains, little compromises except for the cost of the unit and install. Aside from the fact that factory converters are usually big (too much inertia to overcome), the Yank converters give you better torque multiplication as well.

With the 1900 blower, you don't need a lot of stall, so it's not as dramatic as a non-boosted application, but still, gains are to be had.

01-29-10, 06:53 PM
Fastlane sells one. It's the same one they put in there ZR1 blower CTSV.

01-29-10, 07:05 PM
Yeah i have them here, i can get any of them that are available for usually 150-200 cheaper than everyone else..

01-29-10, 07:42 PM

Jesse, I may be interested in Heads, Cam, 9.5 pulley & Heat exchanger with tune updated for the new mods. What kind of "ballpark" RWHP could I expect given the existing mods in my signature. Also, are headers a must? I just don't want it too loud.
I have the OEM mufflers in bubble wrap, if headers are req and should run OEM mufflers.