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08-13-04, 07:48 AM
I am in the process of having a used low milage 63k motor put in my seville since i bought the car with a bad headgasket or worse, im wondering how reliable are the transmissins in these cars? shoul i consider swapping out the trans for a lower milage unit if i can find one while the engine is out? I did not feel anything wrng with the one in the car now. My car has 112000 miles on it.

08-13-04, 09:02 AM
I hace read a few times before that the 4t80-e trans is very durable. However, I did have my trans pulled in early 2003. An internal bushing, at the side seal, had slipped. Trans fluid was leaking out onto part of the hot exhaust. I would put the original trans back in. If you do have a trans problem in the future, the uninstall isn't going to effect the engine.

Here is a link about the 4t80-e:

08-13-04, 11:07 AM
I wouldn't necessarily put in a used tranny. I would have your tranny fully serviced while it is out and save yourself 16 hours of labor for the R&R. Have a transmission shop check everything, and replace the common elements that fail in the side cover. The trans. input speed sensor and TCC solenoid are both accessed through the side pan, which is inaccessible while the car is out. You could also replace your torque converter if it was on its way out before? Any slight shaking between 42-50 mph under light throttle? Just my oppinion. You may never need these parts, but personally, when doing work of this magnitude, I always try to guess ahead of future problems. Also, I would check your engine to make sure there aren't any leaks. If you see somwhere that looks like it was steam cleaned, there might have been an oil leak there. It's a common used engine trick.

Also, CarFax the engine VIN number.
I almost guarantee you're going to find out it's got more miles than stated. Every used engine has "70,000 or less". :)