: Head Gasket - Ran in 2nd Gear & Temp Went Down?

01-28-10, 10:48 AM
I test drove a 2003 SLS last night and ran it in 2nd gear at 75 mph for roughly 5 miles and the temp gauge actually went down about 2-3 degrees rather staying constant or going up. Keep in mind that it was about 8 degrees above 0 last night here in Illinois. Is my thinking correct that since the engine was running at a higher rpm that the water pump was pumping more coolant through the engine, thereby lowering the engine temperature, and hence the head gaskets are probably ok? Thanks for any comments.

01-28-10, 11:22 AM

01-29-10, 11:51 PM
its very cold up here.. closer to 4F and my car will run colder then i should.. with WOT it will drop down on the temp gauge.