: 2000 SLS strut help

01-27-10, 10:09 AM
Hi Everyone,

My SLS rear struts are riding low (Not inflated) compressor is working. comes on for short time then turns off, if I pick up on the back of the car then the compressor stops. but the struts never rise. If there is a leak then the compressor would not turn off right ? if the blander was leaking same thing right ? are my struts bad and if they are does anyone have a recommendation -strutmaster-arnott-Boston I have read on here of good and bad from all three


01-27-10, 10:26 AM
The rear shocks use integral rubber bladders for height control. If a bladder, air line, or the compressor exhaust head is faulty, they leak and you have essentially no height control.

You can test the entire system operation by starting the car and listen for the compressor prove-out. Now you and a friend sit on the (open) trunk lip. The system should level the car. Now hop off and listen in the RR fenderwell. Air should bleed out of the system and the rear should level, and the pump should stay off for a long time. If it cycles intermittently, you have a leak.

The compressor should do a prove-out and preload shortly after engine-start and then stay off unless you load the back seat or trunk. Use your car's built-in code reader system to find out if there are any compressor/system related faults. Read the entire sticky at the top of the Seville Forum: "How to pull codes", write them down, noting whether any are Current or History, return to the sticky and open the URL with "obd2" in the address. Use the Master Index lines to decipher any P,B,C, or U codes.

The entire compressor assembly is about $400, shocks are quite expensive. Go to aftermarket passive shocks and you lose the level control entirely.