: Earth's wierdest message

07-17-03, 11:04 AM

07-17-03, 11:24 AM
That was seriously messed up.

07-17-03, 11:30 AM
lol.....one of the guys on our Spec V forums posted it too but he copied and pasted it to make it look like he typed the thing. At first I was all like dude you are f*cking sick! But then he was all like i'm just playing and showed us the post from another website.

07-17-03, 03:39 PM
If that is in fact true....... :shocked2:


Making another kid FROM YOUR OWN KID!!!! You have got to be kidding me!!!

07-17-03, 03:55 PM
there a thread in there with 2923 pages, guess we got a ways to go on our "my take on rice" thread

07-17-03, 05:18 PM
That thread was fun, too bad no one talks on it now.

07-18-03, 04:17 PM
Damn thats alot of pages :shocked2: :shocked2: :shocked2: :shocked2: :shocked2: :shocked2: :shocked2: :shocked2: :shocked2: :shocked2:

07-18-03, 08:42 PM
GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!! Sal where do you find that crap?

07-18-03, 10:32 PM
Suddenly the word "mother.....r" has a whole new meaning.

This is histerical. Seriously bucked up, but histerical

07-18-03, 10:34 PM
Yeah, he can be called a mother****** now!!!

Thats a ton of pages!! It would take me hours to read all that!!!

07-18-03, 10:51 PM
i'm sorry to tell you guys this but i post there often and i learned one thing from that site. Don't belive anything you read on that site.

Genmay was formed because hardforum.com decided to close it down because of excessive bandwith usage due to all the useless posts.
Also that's not a big thread. It may not exist anymore but search for jama. You should have tons of them with lots more pages than the thread posted above.

07-18-03, 10:53 PM
What is that site supposed to be about??

07-18-03, 11:03 PM
What is that site supposed to be about??
just a nice hangout place for computer geeks and internet savy to talk about anything.