: ? about rear main seal and flywheel bolts

01-25-10, 02:14 PM
I picked up an '02 caddy for a decent price because the old engine had bad headgaskets. Instead of rebuilding that engine I got an engine from 03/04 deville that was wrecked. I've got everything torn down so I am changing out the rear main on the "new" engine. I noticed that the crank had oil seeping out where the flywheel bolts were. On the old engine there wasnt oil coming from the flywheel bolts and the old engine still had all its oil in it. Was there a difference between these years in the crank? Does this seem normal or is there a seal behind the rear main, like a crank seal or something. Every motor swap i've down i have never seen where the flywheel bolts act as a seal. Thanks in advanced!

01-25-10, 03:56 PM
The flywheel bolts are exposed to the crankcase - you need to either replace them, as recommended by the manual (new bolts have sealer on them) or clean the old bolts and apply sealer to the threads - I did the latter - I used some red RTV I had