: Question on W4Me handheld w preloaded tunes

01-25-10, 08:21 AM
I plan to call Jess today and have a few questions about his handheld with prloaded tunes. I know he is very busy and thought a member with previous knowledge could answer my questions. Depending on the answers, I may not need to try and reach him.

I have no experience with SCT tuner. I have extensive experience with Predator. That being said

1.) Will my current Lingenfelter tune be saved as my stock tune? Meaning I can always revert back to it.

2.) Are his preloaded tunes compatible with the Lingenfelter SC pulley upgrade or will he need to modify it before he sends it.
For those that are unaware the Lingenfelter SC upgrade is: ported and
-polished SC snout
-2.55 SC pulley
-modified CAI box and their tube
-ECM tune

3.) Do the W4me preloaded tunes have the transmission parameters tweaked for firmer shifting or will I have to request this?

Again, I plan to call him but I know sometimes it is difficult to reach him and
thought a little legwork would be best.

Thanks again for replies in advance.

01-25-10, 08:35 AM
You will need to revert back to stock tune before you can load the new tunes. One thing to note is that some tuners may lock the pc when they tune it. MEaning you may have to call or go to Lingenfelter to get it "ublocked". I'm not sure why you want to change from one tune to another. Did Lingenfelter dyno tune the car? If so, that is better than a mail order.
Jesse can tune the programs for your mods. You will just have to tell him what you have.
And yes, for automatics, he tunes the TCM which is a night and day difference.

You need to talk to him before ordering so he knows exactly what you want and what your mods are.


01-25-10, 08:45 AM

Thanks I will call him. I really wanted the transmission parameters tweaked via the W4ME tune. I am not sure I wanna fuss with Lingenfelter tune if it requires modifying their tune.
I just wanted to be able to swap back and forth from LPE and w4me.
LPE did not dyno my car. I went to a local shop afterwards to get the numbers
My upgrade was done via mail.
Jeff at LPE told me that the tune will be around 95% spot on.
I will call Jeff as well and between Jeff @ LPE and Jess @ W4ME, I'll get it figured out.

Thanks again Mark


I just got off the phone with Jeff @ LPE and he believes the LPE tune will be saved as stock tune. They are not locked.
He suggested I double check this with Jess. LPE has the capability to modify the trans as well and I may just wait til I can see them in person.
Probably better to have the car in hand when doing this.

01-25-10, 09:17 AM
Hi , Yeah the tune that is in there now just gets ignored and moved over as the "Stock" tune, so it will always be there. The tunes i set up will be totally different, including the transmission cals. Your transmission is stock right now. The trans is what makes the car fun.

You can always go back to the way it was when you just hit go back to stock..

As for the calibrations, i know exactly what to change for the 2.55 pulley, that is an easy mod to set up for. Same with any other mod you have. I can get you out a programmer today and you would have it by tommorrow if you want to try one out. :)

Before the weather outside gets bad. :D

That or you could always come here in person, we only charge $250 for a dyno tune.
Thanks Jes

01-25-10, 10:50 AM


Coordinating everything with Hannah.

I will contact you when handheld received and tune is loaded and sent to you.