: 04 xlr

01-24-10, 08:20 PM
I have an 04 XLR Cadillac, when running the air ,radio,ect at the same time ,my amp gauge drops to almost nothing,somtimes car even cuts off,a light comes on stating charging system problem.When I have none of the acc,s on it works fine.Advance auto parts said it was possibly the alternator. Does any one out there know what my problem is. Thanks for your time. Paul

01-24-10, 10:11 PM
If your current drops like that under load, it's usually the due to a fault in charging system. Luckily, alternators are cheap on the XLR. Most everything else isn't.


01-25-10, 10:47 AM
Also, XLR doesn't have an amps gage; only a voltmeter.

01-25-10, 12:05 PM
It looks like about $1,100 to replace the alternator in alldata.
I think I paid that much for my first 3 cars put together... :lol:

True that you see a voltage meter and not an ammeter, it will drop low at idle as the engine rpms are dropping.
Lots of things could be the cause, the belt could be slipping, the battery might be in very poor condition, and yes the alternator could be bad, although I haven't seen a bad one yet... nor do I want to.
It is liquid cooled and not in a very convenient place to reach.
The procedure calls for suspending the powertrain and removing the front suspension cradle.

You need to have it properly diagnosed, don't go by some guys guess at a parts store.
That is like going to have surgery without knowing what the surgery is for.

01-25-10, 04:39 PM
Greetings Luke!

I never imagined how hard it could be to pull an alternator until I read your post --or that it was liquid cooled!

$1100 for a replacement seemed a little high, (unless labor was added!) so I checked gmpartsdirect and they list the alternator's ('04-'08) msrp as $470. Their selling price is $244; as always, a nice savings.


01-25-10, 07:19 PM
Actually I'm Bill, Luke is "Lindsay Cadillac Parts" but it's all good.

I meant with labor, alldata showed about that price for the alternator and labor was over 5 hours which in this neck of the woods would run you around $600ish.
That would be a good price on the alternator.

Yes, it has two hoses from the cooling system running to it for cooling. It is in a tight spot and there isn't much air to breathe so they use the coolant to do it.

As I said, I haven't had to do one but....someday probably.
Still... easier than a gas tank!