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01-21-10, 07:40 AM
having trouble using the navigation system on my 08 sts-v. i can input end points and the get the appropriate directions with no problem, however, i'm not able to display what i thought were pre loaded points of interest. example, you're in an unfamiliar part of a big city and you want to see a list of all of the restaurants in that general vicinity or a list of all the atm's, gas stations, etc. what am i doing wrong?

01-21-10, 09:53 AM
im no expert here,only had the car 6 weeks, but if you use the voice reognition system by pushig on the voice icon on the tseering wheel and say "navigation resaurants" or navigatiuon mexican restaurants" the icons will show up.Its on page 4-2 of the nav system handbook
I just paired up my cell yesterday and i thought i could use voice commends to dial thru the nav system--i know i can use Onstar,but my cell would be alot cheaper--

01-21-10, 07:07 PM
In the nav config you get a button to set default POI's. When you are on a map. touch the screen, and you'll get a new menu option POI, and you can select which ones you want. I think if you are driving, you can only pick from pre-selected default ones. If you are parked you can drill into the list.

One thing that drives me nuts is getting a map of specific items. For example - I want to find every "Hooters" in the area (bad example, but that's the only one I can think of off the top of my head - Maybe "Shell" gas station is a better example). You can get a "list" of all of them, with relative distances from your location, but you can't plot them on a map to figure out which direction to drive to, unless you select a specific one.

01-29-10, 12:33 PM
The feature you are looking for is hidden just a little bit. The button actually disappears once you are moving unless you have the lockpick active. To get to it press any blank area on the touch screen. Then you do you will get a couple new buttons in the lower right corner...


Once the POI screen appears, touch the "All Category List" button...


From there, you can select "American" to filter out the other restaurants...


Once the filter is set, touch the "Back" button and then you can touch the "All Local POI's" button. This is the button that will NOT appear when moving.


Now you will see the money shot, which shows distance and direction to the restaurant type you are looking for. Although it will not let you filter an individual brand, it will get you much closer and keep you from selecting a venue miles behind you if you want to maintain forward momentum.


01-30-10, 12:47 PM
thanks for the work with pics and screen grab shots.As to the "lockpic" all that i need to do is press any blank area, then press on the POI tab on the screen, and the filters will show up?And I can do that as the car is moving--thanks--i also have an 08--bob

02-08-10, 12:00 PM
thanks, all of this has been most helpful.