: How difficult is changing brakepads/shoes on 96' FWB?

durrk johnson
01-20-10, 09:10 PM
Hey guys...

After somehow dealing with my last bill of $1221.00 for a new fuelpump/fuelfilter/sparkplugs/wires/cap&rotor. I dont want to to have to spend any more money. :/

But I am starting to hear my brakes high pitched sound in the front when I come almost to a complete stop. How hard is doing your own brakepads and back shoes? And if thats not very smart, would it be wiser to buy my own pads and have a mechanic install them instead of getting stuck with some mediocre pads?

I was looking at brakes from this list...


And have no idea what to get if I was able to do this...... I want some really nice brake pads that will be reliable, and smooth. It doesnt matter if they are more expensive...

01-20-10, 10:09 PM
its very easy to do the front brakes
if you have never done them before
I would suggest having some one with you
that can walk you through it
really basic mechanical skills required
and a dose of common sense
and or a caddy forum to fall back on if you need help...

01-21-10, 06:19 AM
You may already know but your rear brakes are drums not pads ,just for the heads up :)
As for the front brakes , I am using OEM and quite satisfied with them :)