: 3,6l engine different bet. 2005 and 2006?

01-20-10, 05:53 PM
Hi guys, last weekend, my friend came to my house to show me his new 07 cts with the 2.8l in it and just because I'm curious, I wanted to read his owner's manual to see if there was some change in maintenance schedule etc.

To my surprise, it is written for the 2006 3.6l, to follow the OLM BUT to use engine oil meeting gm spec: 6094m! Same thing as my old buick.

In my 05 manual, it is written to use only gm spec 4718m for the 3.6l.

Is there any difference between the 2005 3.6l v6 version vs the 2006 3.6l version?

Is the OLM in the 06 is calibrated the same way as the 05?

If someone here with an 06 or 07 can tell me the mileage vs Oil life left when they change the engine oil, it could give me an idea because on my 05 with almost 80% highway and 15% city 5% idling, I get approx 12500 miles before I get the change oil soon message.



BTW: I'm asking this question because my car is out of warranty and I'm thinking of switching oil brand from M1 to Castrol Syntec 0w30 since its almost a 40w when hot and I'd like to see if its going to help decreasing the oil consumption a bit. (oil consumption right now is 1qt per 4-5k miles)

01-25-10, 05:28 PM

01-25-10, 05:50 PM
WTF - you're concerned about oil consumption of 1 qt per 4-5K miles? Try driving a Northstar powered car sometime - 1 qt per 1-2K is considered normal