: Wheel Hop

08-11-04, 09:45 PM
The wheel hop is bad and unacceptable and will impact the future of this car. Dealer response to the problem, and Cadillac's response is unacceptable. When your customers spend $50,000 on a car with 400HP, a 6 speed transmission and z rated tires, they expect NO wheel hop.

We, your customers can not add an aftermarket product as that would void our warranties.

Conclusion: we are stuck with a defective product for whcih we can do nothing about. Do the right thing, fix the cars.

08-20-04, 12:25 PM

What kind of wheel hop are you experiencing? Looks from your description that you have a CTS-V, is that right? I own a 2000 STS that has developed the same problem in the rear suspension. Dealer insists that it's wheel imbalance, I'm not sold on that theory.

09-03-04, 08:49 PM

Cadillac is comprised of 50% idiots and 50% morons--except the development people.

09-07-04, 05:22 PM
C5 Corvettes suffer from wheel hop as well, we found out that lowering the car and getting rid of the Goodyear runflats took care of that problem.

09-10-04, 12:52 PM
400HP and independant rear suspension is going to do that! It's not a drag car like a Camaro is!

You can mod the suspension! If something breaks in the suspension it may not be covered but anything not linked to the mod will be within' warranty.

If you buy a car like that you shouldn't care about the warranty. Us Camaro/TA/Vette guys all void our warranty the first day we get our new cars! If you can afford a $50,000 car you should be able to afford repairs too! If not you shouldn't have bought such an expensive car!


09-12-04, 08:41 PM
Sorry for the delay in response, I don't come to this forum too much as it is not active like some others.

I have basically given up at this point. Cadillac will never admit to the defect, it would be an admission of failure to plan ahead and use 25 cents worth of engineering skills.