: 1978 425 v-8 Deville---carbureted or FI.

01-19-10, 10:42 AM
Was the 1978 Caddy Deville 425 v-8 carbureted or fuel injected?


01-19-10, 01:07 PM
It came in carburetted with the option of electronic fuel injection.

The engine VIN code S indicates a carburettor and T indicates EFI.

01-19-10, 02:31 PM
:yeah: They made them both ways, but the fuel injected ones are RARE. I know someone with a yellow '77 Fleetwood with the fuel injected motor. Its one of only a few hundred.

01-20-10, 02:07 AM
I had a 77 SDV with EFI. It ran very smoothly, but it didn't improve fuel economy all that much over the Q-Jet (maybe 1-2 mpg). Didn't notice the extra 15hp much, either.

01-20-10, 10:01 AM
pretty cool that they had fuel injection on those big engines back then :)

01-20-10, 10:13 AM
Cadillac was on top of their game before it was trendy to do so: you could have your all time favorite 1976 Fleetwood Talisman with dual airbags, trackmaster brakes, and fuel injection! :) By 1980 all that suff was gone in a Fleetwood. It all came back eventually but when it did Cadillac seemed to be lagging when before they were leading! :)

01-20-10, 11:03 AM
When your car had the airbags back then, weren't you unable to get the tilt/tele wheel? Another Cadillac first: the V8-6-4. I know, I know, it didn't actually work all that well, but look at how many cars today use the multi-displacement systems (cylinder deactivation). That was unheard of back then. If they wouldn't have had the 6-cyl mode, who knows, it could have been a huge sucess.

01-20-10, 12:05 PM
GCMatt, Yes, no tilt/tele with the airbags in 74-76. I had a V8-6-4 and loved the fuel injection on the big smooth Cad engine but the variable displacement drove me to drinkin. :)