: 94 Fleetwood Brougham Steering and Suspension

01-17-10, 05:18 AM
okay so my 94 fleet has about 124k on the clock and the stearing is getting SLOPPY like I can move the wheel 15 degress in either direction with nothing happening? What parts do I need to replace? What parts could use to be upgraded?


i want to upgrade the front suspension a bit while im down there doing work, i know people use better sway bars and such, any tips on exactally which ones to use and other advice, new to the fleetwood, not new to working on cars and cadillacs.

thanks guys.

01-17-10, 09:51 AM
you need to get the front end off the ground so both front wheels are hanging
start with the first wheel, hands at 9 and 3, o clock, try to move the wheel left and right, while someone looks for movement in the steering parts
i/e tie rods/idler arm, pitman arm, center link etc... the idler arm is famous for
going sloppy on these cars
also check the wheel movement from top to bottom , hands at 12 and 6 o clock
that will show ball joint looseness, or play,
so you have a gts viper, what color?
I have an 01 gts as well,,,~~~~~

01-17-10, 09:57 AM
If looking for performance upgrade, use Impala SS parts of similar years

01-17-10, 01:06 PM
Start with the basics. Idler arm, center link, tie rods. Use Moog. Check the ball joints for play like fleetwoodguy said.

01-17-10, 07:45 PM
thanks guys, Iíll get the car in the air sometime this week, see what I can find out, hopefully Iíll have some better weather, itís been pretty cold out here, and all my other toys are clogging the garage!!!

thefleetwoodguy - I used to have a 2000 gts, got rid of it, economy has me cutting back on the toys a bit.

01-18-10, 01:06 PM
hey so can I use impala ss lowering springs? what about front rotors, are impala ss front break rotors the same too?

what front shocks are you guys using?

thanks in advance, i hate buying parts that arnt right. There is definity more impala parts then fleetwood parts.

01-18-10, 02:56 PM
Yes, you can lower it nicely with SS springs. Rotors are the same. If you want performance shocks, go Bilstein.

01-18-10, 03:24 PM
Jay, can you use impala ss springs on a 90?

01-18-10, 07:33 PM
Yes, they will work fine. There are pics on here of both the 93-96, and the 92 and earlier with SS springs.

01-18-10, 08:50 PM
As far as upgrades go all I did was go with some Impala SS 17" wheels, sticky tires, and Bilstein struts and I'm blown away and how the Fleetwood handles around corners considering how much of a big heavy boat it is. The 17s do kind of take away from the cushy Cadillac ride but that's all personal preference...

01-20-10, 08:31 AM
If you have the FE2 handling package, aka, touring suspension, you have the same spring RATE as the Impala SS, just taller.

If you want STIFF, go with 9C1 springs... I have a set of the springs, yes sir, they aren't anything like the Impy springs in rate!

As for wander, my drag link was shot @ 140k. What I do, get under car and grab a joint and have someone turn wheel back and forth, feel for slop. You should have virtually NO play on each joint. Yours sounds like the drag line. You can turn the wheel with nothing happening, till you get to the end of the play. Mine was awful....

BE VERY CAREFUL not to allow your hand to get pinched if turned too far! You can get really hurt if you aren't careful. I don't do with engine on for this very reason.

As for shocks, Bilstiens are awesome, but $. I have the 9C1 shocks, they are MUCH better than stock, and do not hurt ride, they really add control. i have the Gabriel Ultra (top of the line) for a 94-96 Caprice COP CAR, must have police listing. You will LOVE them.

I went as far as replacing my body to frame bushings with 9C1 pieces. That is another very worthy handling ride upgrade. I have the 5/8" ball joint parts now and going to get some good high durometer upper/lower control arm bushings and put in my FW. Or might start looking for another to start modding again.

Sway bars are a biggie.
Impala SS
Fleetwood FE2 suspension
9C1 Cop Car
Limo FE7 suspension
ALL of these use the SAME sway bars.

But a GOOD bar is a 70-81 1.25" F-Body (Z28/Trans AM) bar, this one has a shorter lever and is much stronger and more responsive than the slightly smaller than 1 1/8" bar we have on our cars now.

Else look for the Herb Adams/HO Racing bars for a Firebird (front). You can use the 64-72 A Body bar in the rear but you will need rear control arm mods, as the bar mounts on the inside of the arms, our cars the bars mount under.

Oh, I have a set of rear FE2 (stock ride height Touring/Handling suspension) for a Fleetwood for sale if anyone is looking.

I have on mine 94-96 Caprice station wagon springs. Those are a great upgrade as they eliminate much of the need for the car to ride on the air shocks all the time, very minimal air is needed to keep proper ride height. The overall ride is the same. The handling is improved too as the spring rate is firmer than the air the shock. Going down the road you won't know, but as soon as you corner, you'll appreciate that a lot.