: p/steering fluid

01-16-10, 05:31 PM
What kind of power steering fluid does a 98 Catera use?

01-16-10, 09:26 PM
bookguy-it takes dexron 3 transmission fluid

01-16-10, 09:45 PM
Thanks much!!!

01-19-10, 04:04 AM
bookguy-it takes dexron 3 transmission fluid

For powersteering fluid?????????? Those would be two fluids i would never mix.

If anything go to your local auto parts store and pick up some powersteering fluid. Thats what its called and labeled as. In fact if you want the GM part numbers of what they recommend that you use here they are.

GM P/N 1052884 - 1 pint or 1050017 - 1 quart, or equivalent

01-19-10, 12:40 PM
Umm cadman is right, it takes Dexron III equivalent ATF fluid, like most other european cars.
I prefer Castrol High Mileage Dexron III, it slowed the leak I had and the feel has improved.

01-19-10, 12:42 PM
Thats just effin wierd..

01-27-10, 09:00 AM
Thats just effin wierd..

Transmission fluid is hydraulic oil with detergents. Power steering fluid is hydraulic fluid with detergents. Both fluids designed to last a long time. It's all the same in the catera and most european models.