: Mechanics being paid

08-11-04, 05:32 PM
I have read for warranty work, mechanics only get paid so much money.

Could someone elaborate on this, I dont get how companies get away in doing this.

Lets say, a mechanic gets $26.00 an hour for standard labor. Then warranty work comes along, and it takes 8 hours to complete, so they pay the mechanic for two hours, then basically they will give the mechanic $8.32 an hour for those 8 hours, so GM or whom ever can get away and say they were paid by the hour, and nothing was stolen from them. If you dont understand this, find a server. You get paid $2.50 an hour or something, if your tips dont bring it up to $5.15 per hour, then the company will pay the difference...

08-11-04, 10:50 PM
Hmm i dont know if thats true at most dealerships, i read that they get paid the same amount regardless of warranty work or not

08-11-04, 11:01 PM
all i know is that the mechanics i know get paid well. and they are good ones at that. i know a guy that works at hummer. the odds there are that he makes pretty good dough...enough to support his child and pay for her private schooling and have plenty to burn on hotrodding projects.

barge master
08-12-04, 11:00 AM
Guys who work on flat rate usually get a base hourly pay, plus a flat rate pay based on the hours the book says the job takes. If you get maybe a water pump or something that pays 2.6 hrs. to do and you can do it in 1.8, you still get paid for 2.6. That's why guys who are really good and really fast can make some big cake in those situations. There is a lot of politics to deal with though because if the service writer plays favorites,some guys will get the
gravy and others get the bone.

I work in an hourly shop, but as an incentive to hustle,they add up working vs. billable hrs. at the end of a calender month. If 85% of our working hrs. are billable,we get an extra $1.00 per hr. for the coming month. If it's 95% billable we get $2.00 per hr. It is some major motivation to work harder and you don't lose your shirt too bad if a job or two gets bogged down.