View Full Version : Why did I take it to the dealer??

01-15-10, 01:05 PM
Doors were freezing and would not shut so I took the 09 V in for that.

While there they do some other recall-a "reflash"? Now they are calling saying the car's computer is locked up and they have to order a new computer.

I have 16,000 miles on it and it has been bullet proof. I hate the thought of them replacing stuff.

Anyone know what this reflash recall is or had their computer lock up? Thanks

01-15-10, 01:22 PM
Oh no... The car is loaded with "computers." Drivetrain/chassis or other?

01-15-10, 01:43 PM
did you have a tune installed?

01-15-10, 02:29 PM
ask them to get the TSB # or reflash #. I want to know if it would be beneficial or not. It reminds me of a "reflash" tune i got from the dealer for my old jeep srt8. After that reflash it was noticebly SLOWER all the way until I got rid of it

01-15-10, 02:56 PM
No tune installed

01-15-10, 03:18 PM
Reprogram ecm for lean codes--never had a lean code

01-15-10, 04:47 PM
Bad fuel?

01-15-10, 06:02 PM
yeah that blows how many days for computer?

Gary Wells
01-15-10, 06:20 PM
Just when I am starting to think that it is safe to go in the water, (re-arrange my thinking about it being safe to go to the dealer for something) you guys bring up some ugly sea monster from the deep. Hope all goes well on that, Caddiedrummer & sorry to hear.

01-15-10, 06:57 PM
yeah that blows how many days for computer?

Monday. I wish they had just fixed the damn door. I never had the "lean fuel" problem--they just wanted to do ALL TSBs . Hopefully car will be fine. I have 1 of the first Vs and it has been bullet proof--hope it continues. Damn dealers.

I have had 6 Vipers--none has spent the night at the dealer--in 15 years.

01-17-10, 12:26 AM
There is a possibility that the ECU was fried due to too low battery voltage. Whenever they do a reflash on an ECU, they are supposed to have a power source hooked up to the car battery, and a power source hooked up to the shop computer. If the volage gets too low to either of them, ECU is fried. Not 100% sure if that is your case, but it has happened before.

If it was a recall, the dealer is required to do it. If it was just a TSB(technical service bulletin), then it was a suggested reflash.


01-17-10, 11:08 AM
Mika is right. If the laptop or car battery dies in the middle of tuning, it can kill the PCM. It makes you wonder if they were trying to "update" the tune to make it harder to tune. GM has been good at this stuff on the Duramax trucks. I have an '08 Duramax Silverado, and a good friend of mine that works at the dealership said they do change tunes to attempt to keep people from using aftermarket tuners. That's REALLY hard to do since the tuner companies will break the latest tune quickly. He said they have people come into the dealership after having their car serviced REALLY pissed because their tune won't upload into the truck after the update. I always tell the service manager, and reiterate multiple times, that I DO NOT want any tuning updates. It's your car, and I don't care if there's a TSB or not. If you don't want it done to YOUR car they shouldn't do it. There have been two TSB's on my Duramax for the tune, and I've skipped out on both. If it's not broke, don't fix it. :)

01-17-10, 11:24 AM
IMHO...If you buy a car from a particular dealer, you really should have done some basic homework.

Before I signed on the dotted line taking ownership of this car or any car for that matter, I meet with my future Service Mgr, as well as, tour the service area/bays, taking in how the Techs are dressed and attitudes, how cars are processed. Observing whether they putting plastic over the seat backs and paper on the carpeted floor before getting in the cars to drive off. I also scope out the waiting lounge and what amenities are provided for customers. What does the back lot look like...follow me. Get the bigger picture. Organization ability and atitudes, "bedside manner" of the Dealership and Service Dept.

If you can't take your car to the Dealer, expect it to be taken care of, get it back fixed, cleaned, vacumed and ready to enjoy, you're at the wrong dealership. Change Dealerships.

Wisdom is born from learned experinces. Some of them bad experiences. Learn from them and vow if at all possible to not repeat them.

Gary Wells
01-17-10, 12:52 PM
I would really like to know if this was a recall, ( which is interesting because it has never been directly mentioned on this forum that I remember), or a TSB, in which case is seems to me as a minimum that the dealership should have asked for authority to proceed.