: Corsa Sport Exhaust Video

01-14-10, 07:08 PM
My Friend tony AKA BACDOC testing my car while i listen to the exhaust for the first time.

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01-14-10, 07:25 PM
Wow! Holy Cow! Way loud for me. Not Caddie like. Maybe Corsa Touring Performance mufflers. I have Kooks Headers and stock mufflers, sound is just right for my tastes. But ... to each his/her own.

01-14-10, 08:04 PM
WOW that is loud, though good. Definitely prefer the Touring for my daily driver.

01-14-10, 09:12 PM
Is it just the Corsa sport or also headers?

01-14-10, 09:18 PM
Corsa Sports. No Headers. That is at WOT of course. Its pretty easy to keep quiet if u drive it normal.

01-14-10, 09:31 PM
"Holy shit!" is right. LMAO!!!


01-14-10, 09:32 PM
It's not as loud when it's not banging off the rev limiter. :)

01-14-10, 09:51 PM
Even funnier is the school bus passing behind u...lol

01-14-10, 09:58 PM
I blew his door off.

01-14-10, 10:01 PM
link to the other vid...the iphone is to blame for my shaking...or maybe u in my car...lol

YouTube- 2009 CTS V Corsa Sport Exhausts II

01-14-10, 10:15 PM
MORE vids ;)

01-14-10, 10:36 PM
We ran out of school buses to race.

01-14-10, 11:40 PM
Hiya BacDoc (Cody06 on NASIOC).

I finally joined up here...you get your V yet?

01-14-10, 11:43 PM
Sounds very sweet and mean! Very nice looking CTS; I actually had a new cat and muffler with dual outlets put on the Eldo today. It now has a 80 series Flowmaster. I inquired about having a true dual exhaust sytem installed but I was told there was'nt enough room!

01-15-10, 07:50 AM
Hiya BacDoc (Cody06 on NASIOC).

I finally joined up here...you get your V yet?

Negative. Price went back up too high for my tastes. I'm gonna have to sit on my thumbs until the spring/summer used market. I will be in one soon even if I have to sell one of Luke's kidney's.

01-15-10, 11:03 AM
Now that's what I'm talking about...very nice. That's what I would expect from a musclecar sedan. The M3/M5 with aftermarket exhaust should sound so sweet. But they have their own distinct voice. Me like American muscle better.