: replacing my 96 northstar

08-11-04, 08:03 AM
I am having my 96 seville sts northstar replaced by a local shop. Besides going by the 8th digit of my serial number which is a 9 are there other northstars with that number that wont fit or be right for my car?

Also does anyone have any experience with aftermarket extended warentees?
Im wondering if they would cover the head gasket problem if it were to happen again.

08-11-04, 12:37 PM
Becareful. I know there were subtle changes over the years. I am pretty sure '93/'94 are not compatable.
I don't know much about extended warranties as I never buy them. I just read recently some one was looking at one and it said gaskets were not covered unless replaced because of another failure. That's probably legal lingo to get around head gaskets. Whether or not you could argue that the gaskets failed because the threads pulled is questionable. I guess you could tell once it was disassembled but it might be a battle.
Why are you replacing the motor rather than repairing the head gaskets? You may be getting another one that was not maintained and have the same problem in the future.

08-12-04, 09:19 AM
They way my luck goes is that if I spend the money to remove and fix the head gasket there might be something else wrong like a cracked block or head. A local reputable shop has a low milage motor 60 k mikes that will warantee the job and motor for 100 days which should be enough time for me to tell if the motor is good. If I repair the motor I have that has 112 k miles if something else goes its on me. I pruchaced the car recently so I dont know the maintance of the motor thats in it. Im stuck between a rtock and a hard place and this was the best idea that I could have come up with.
I hope im making the right decision.