: Ok the secrets Out....AMG Stage Two almost Done

08-11-04, 12:55 AM
Ok guys...I was saving this till later but after bumping into another cadillacforums member in the real world i know the new mods on my car cant be kept a secret for much longer. I have done a lot of work with my friends over at the cadillac performance division as well as several new age companies who have sponsored stage two of my ride. I have a lot of people to thank for getting to this point, but their will be plenty of time for all that. My sponsors are only letting me release a few of the pictures, and everything you see here will be available for purhase through these companies. You guys are really gonna love what you see in the next few weeks.

Before you click through to the CTS porn, a quick note on the design elements. I have always thought that the CTS was cadillacs first effort to really make a car aimed at my generation. With Tim Allen Design unable to move forward with his concept techstar/wheel to wheel and I got together to go over some of the concepts. Techstar is the company that produced the tim allen design cts. Some of this stuff youll see on other cars and some of this stuff is straight from some very demeanted heads. I hope you all like what you see, but understand that not everything is gonna be everyones favorite. With that in mind please click forward to see CTS AMG STAGE 2 (http://riceornot.ricecop.com/?auto=27871)

08-11-04, 08:08 AM
lol... that mitsu wins the rice award for sure... there must not be one original panel on that thing.

08-11-04, 08:22 AM
i think it's interesting that if you go through some of the pics, you see cars from the 60s and 70s with bolt-ons that people are voting 'not rice', but then you see a honda with the same amount of bolt-ons and people vote it rice. one problem is people don't know what rice is.

08-11-04, 04:02 PM
Jeez i went through some trouble to write that whole thing up i dont even get a lol?

08-11-04, 07:12 PM
i thought i was going to a link to see your car. all i saw was a yellow mitsu... thought maybe it was broken link or something. i didn't get it obviously! i do now tho!

"lol" *cheese*!!

08-12-04, 02:06 AM
Buhhh..... :banghead: err I mean lol.