: 93 deville suspension

01-10-10, 05:36 PM
Hi everyone how are you doing I hve 1993 cadillac deville 4.9 and was wondering if I should put air shocks back on the car or passive shocks because next month im putting new shocks all around and want to know what do you think should i do idc about the air shocks all I want is for my car to sit up nice not low like it's sitting right now im also putting all new coil spring so what do you think I should do?

01-15-10, 08:33 AM
If you have the time and $$$, rebuild the suspension back to stock (including the rear level system) for that nice Cadillac ride and control.

Otherwise, start searching the aftermarket spring and strut/shock sites for passive replacements.

01-19-10, 04:42 PM
Car sits low shocks are not leaking why is car sitting so low and the shocks are not leaking?

01-19-10, 06:22 PM
I'm about to replace my suspension too. I'm going to do it in 2-3 weeks from now. I'm replacing my front struts & rear air shocks with ALL Arnott Industries parts. After doing extensive research I've come to find that all caddy owners who use Arnott get Great, satisfying results & no SERVICE RIDE CONTROL message!! I'm going to replace the springs as well, I'm getting those from the dealer but I might look around to see where they're cheaper. I think Eibach springs lower your vehicle so I'm not going for those. GOOD LUCK MAN!!

01-19-10, 07:38 PM
Oh ok cool yeah im gonna be doing it soon front and rear spring something thats gonna make the car sit nice and high

01-23-10, 06:58 PM
Car sits low shocks are not leaking why is car sitting so low and the shocks are not leaking?

Could be the pump that puts the air to your rear shocks is not working. Or bad springs. If your shocks dont leak its one or the other. Unless you have a ton of weight in the rear maybe.

01-31-10, 02:49 PM
On my cadillac I replaced my rear springs with Rear Variable Rate Coil Springs and replace the air struts and it no longer sags in the back. To make sure the air struts have air see if you can squeeze the air bladder on the struts. Thats what I do to make sure the air struts don't have a leak. When you do decide to get springs get Rear Variable Rate Coil Springs because they get firmer when there is added weight.