: Alarm Problem....HELP !

01-09-10, 06:20 PM
OK, I got my power door locks working today by installing a door lock relay that was missing and now, I have another issue. A couple of times today when I unlocked the drivers door with the key, the alarm went off when I opened the door. This may be the reason the previous owner removed the door lock relay. This car is a 1996 Fleetwood hearse and I dont need the alarm going off during a funeral! I have one remote but, it does not work and I cant find the RC module or 2 wires that are grounded to program the remote. When they cut this car in half to do the conversion, there is no telling where they relocated it adn I wouldnt even know what to looks for. So, I was surfing the net to find a way to disable the alarm and found these instructions:
lt. green |-| in either kick panel.
Once Located, splice into this wire with
a simular guage wire, and put it to
a solid chassis ground. This terminates
the alarm functions entirely.

Does this sound right to anyone? Would this be the proper way to disable the alarm? Thanks, Cliff

01-09-10, 06:49 PM
I would just take the relay back out. This way you know what to expect, then I would take it to best buy or something and let them deal with it. Unless, of course, you are fimiliar with this kind of stuff. But now that I read the instructions, its seems VERY easy to try.