: Will I suck her dry if....

08-10-04, 10:29 PM
I have modified my oil pan to start half way back. I took out the flywheel/Rear part of the oilpan for it to fit over my crossmember better. I have yet to measure how much (qts) space I removed.

Question is: Will I drain the pan quicker than it drops back in?

If i need to add the space i took out, i will be putting it either on the sides or in the front.

Just wondering

08-11-04, 12:17 PM
I don't understand your question but I would not reengineer the motor or lubrication system if that's where you are going.

08-11-04, 04:21 PM
Find out how much you took off first of all... Got any idea on the dimensions? It's easy to calculate quarts from cubic inches.....

08-11-04, 09:09 PM
The N* restricts oil to the lifters so it should keep more in the bottom end. I would think you're Ok but let's see if Bbob gives some input.He'd have access to testing on it.

08-11-04, 09:54 PM
yeah i cut out half of the rear of the pan so it would clear some things... AKA front sumped my oil pan ill try and post pics here tomorrow for ya

Anthony Cipriano
08-12-04, 03:44 PM
You should be okay for drainback. The extra volume of oil in the pan is not for drainback protection it's for cornering capability. As long as the pan was modified so that the oil drainback slots are open on the sides I would expect the system to work fine. Hard to say positively without some pictures and/or testing but generally speaking what you describe shouldn't cause the oil pump to suck air. You will lose some horsepower due to the restrictive windage situation with the shorter portion of the pan but it wont be a lot. Make sure the oil level stays the same when you refill it the first time as overfilling the lesser volume pan to the point that the oil level hits the crank will cause severe aeration of the oil, etcetera.

08-13-04, 01:49 AM
i had to cut the oil level dipstick for it to read two slashes lower than the full mark. Which actually works out cause then Ill just lever the motor and fill the oil and then ill be within reason of the stock "full" mark. I cut 1.25 inches of the splash shield and the sump tube back.. thats the clearance i needed for the rack. :) ill post pics tomorrow... worked 14 hours today im off to bed.. Hope this makes sense

08-15-04, 07:22 PM
ok here it is...http://memimage.cardomain.com/member_img_a/665715_100_full.jpg