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01-07-10, 12:01 AM
Hey guys, I have a 1996 Fleetwood hearse with a couple of issues that I hope you can help me with.
1. It has a shutter on acceleration. It is most noticable from a stop. Not terrible, but it is there. Idles great. I cant tell if it is an engine miss or driveline issue.

2. My power door locks are inop. I cant operate them from the door switches or remote. I have power at fuse 39. Thats about all I can tell you.

Thanks, Cliff

01-07-10, 08:52 AM
I'd be more concerned about the disembodied hand creeping over the back of the seat....

01-07-10, 09:46 AM
The EGR is a problem I would look at for the stumble, maybe a vacuum leak/issue but the issue can be caused by a number of problems. For the windows, you can test to see if you have power at the switch, sounds like the system isnt grounded.

01-07-10, 10:08 AM
egr could be the problem any codes??
also how many miles on the optisprk cap??, could be getting dirty
also ignition wires can cause that condition

the door locks is easy, drivers side forward of the kick panel there is the door lock relay, they go "out" fairly common problem, easy fix

or maybe a ghost?? lol
let us know how you make out...

01-07-10, 09:49 PM
Thanks for the great tips! I will give the door lock relay a try first. So, you think the shutter is an engine miss? The car has 85K on it and I am sure, it has never had anything like plugs or wires. These cars take a lot of abuse because they hardly ever reach posted hiway speeds. The trips are usually short too. The car does run good though and idles smooth. It does not hesitate from a stop at all. Just has the shutter. if I take off easy, I dont feel it. I have not checked for codes yet. I will do that tommorrow and post them. Will it throw a code for an engine misfire?? Thanks, Cliff

01-07-10, 10:33 PM
Cliff, I'm about 11 months away from being a funeral director. Do you have a picture of your car you can share with us? :)

01-07-10, 10:49 PM
Sure! Here is a picture of her. Good luck with your funeral service career. I have been licensed for 20 years and now own a mortuary transport company. I love every minute of it.


01-07-10, 11:20 PM
WWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!! What is it? An S&S?? I love the white!!!!! :)

01-07-10, 11:23 PM
I can already tell that Dave wants your wheels. lol

Dave, you missed it in the lounge. In the "check out this sweet car on ebay" thread, I found a '94 Fleetwood flower car. It made me think of you.

01-07-10, 11:26 PM
I chromed a set of those wheels on a 76 FleetWood BrougHam I had. It was SEXY!!!

01-07-10, 11:32 PM
Its a Krystal Koach conversion done in California. They are still in business and do beautiful work. You should see the Chrysler 300 hearse that they are developing. Looks kinda like a Rolls Royse.
In my honest opinion, the 1993-96 Fleetwoods were the very best funeral coaches ever built and there are a lot of funeral directors that agree with me. They were/are super dependable. They are also the largest hearses ever built and very roomy. 20+ MPG too ! Lots of them still in service today , including this one.

01-07-10, 11:36 PM
There are a ton of Fleetwood and Roadmaster hearses in service here in FL. They were the last of the large Cad service cars. I love the biggies! Keep it going!!! :)

01-08-10, 01:17 AM
An EGR valve might throw a MAP sensor code if bad enough. If I remember correctly, the EGR opens slightly during initial take off if you hit the gas hard enough, but not on light throttle take off. But bad wires and plugs will give simular results

Dave, I love how you use the 93-96 wheels for your cars. You have inspired me and a friend.

01-08-10, 08:36 AM
Hi CS, Thanks and you're a good guy and I'm glad to know you! :) I do love those 93-96 wheels - I'm so happy they fit on the old cars because I don't like creaky wheel covers and the alloy wheels give the oldies a bit more contemporary look. About 10 years ago I always had a few sets on hand when I had my shop but I'm down to the set of five wheels on my current car.

01-08-10, 01:23 PM
I am having trouble finding the door lock relay. Is it a stand alone relay behind the LF kick panel or is it located in the relay block to the left of the steering column? There is a wide electric connector hanging loose behind the kick panel but, no relay that I can find. Thanks

01-08-10, 06:13 PM
drivers side /remove the carpeted kick panel, then look forward its clips to the opening thats there, almost against the fire wall

01-08-10, 06:25 PM
OK Thanks. Well, it must have been removed in the past becasue there are no relays behind the carpet. One of the actuators probably chatters or something. There is a long connector with 6 wires in a row hanging loose. The wore colors match the woiring diagram that I have. Anyone have a picture of the relay? I went to 2 local auto parts stores and they told me I had to bring it in so that they could match it up.

01-08-10, 06:47 PM
could be in the hole
look for the white mounting peg
this is what your looking for

it should be there

01-08-10, 06:49 PM
try this
its a potter & brumfield VBA-2002
g/m part # appears to be 12148900
I have them in used condition

Im going to go clean my finger nails....lol

01-08-10, 07:12 PM
Thanks! Look slike my connector would work on it for sure. Juts got to find it now : )

01-08-10, 07:42 PM
OK, I have a realy coming and it will be here tommorrow. I will post the results once I install it.
As far as the shutter when I take off, I am thinking it is in the drive line. This car has a 2-piece drive shaft adn i think the center support may be worn. I need a lift to check it out though. Im too fat to reach it : ) There are no engine codes and, I cant feel anything when I power brake the engine.

01-09-10, 03:01 AM
Could it be the u-joints? I know that when they wear out they can cause all sorts of binding, possibly shuddering feelings. I love your hearse, man!

01-09-10, 10:25 AM
I doubt that it is the u-joints becadsue there is no vibration beyond take-off. Typically, u-joints cause vibrations between 20-50 MPH. Of course, when it comes to Cadillacs, I have no idea. I spent 10 years as a Mercedes-Benz tech. I spent 2 weeks working on Caddys prior to that but after re-ringing a couple of HT-4100's in 1983, I decided to switch to M-B .

01-09-10, 03:01 PM
WOO-HOO ! The door locks are working now! The relay fixed it. Thanks to those of you that steered me in the right direction. It only cost me $28.00 ! One issue down, one to go.......