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01-06-10, 01:29 PM
Ladies and Gentlemen:

Suddenly my '06 XLR-V is showing on screen "CD Error" for CD player. I cannot load or eject and will not play CD's (4 of 6)that are already loaded. Manual is vague as to how to fix the problem other than taking it to the dealer for service. I did. Service adviser told me that the unit would have to be removed and sent to Panasonic(?) for complete replacement. Car is still under warranty. I am thinking about taking the car to high-end independent car audio stor and see what they can do.

Any commnets or suggestions from anyone will be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

01-06-10, 10:41 PM
I'd go with the warranty repair. Taking an XLR to any aftermarket installer is gambling. I know of only one XLR owner who replaced his stereo system and retained full functionality of his steering wheel controls, and Retained Accessory Power circuits. The rest all reported issues. The XLR uses two different bi-directional communication busses, and there aren't many folks out there who are qualified to work on them. Once someone goes into your dash (other than a GM dealer) you run the risk of having your warranty claim denied. The choice is entirely yours.

The last big "enhancement" for the XLR/Corvette electronics was a HUD link to a V-1. There was a nice video of a guy driving around a parking lot with alarms going off on the HUD and that was the end of it. If you ask an aftermarket installer how many XLRs they've worked on and their answer is ZERO, it would be prudent to keep looking.

Just my .02,

01-07-10, 08:31 AM
If the car is under warranty get an exchange replacement.
It goes to whoever your local dealer's authorized Delco electronics service center is. They are different for each region.
We use Specmo up in NY.
If you want something aftermarket later wait until the warranty is up. As stated a lot of the other functions in the car are integrated into the radio.

01-07-10, 11:25 AM
Thank You ewillard. I visited an audio stoer and they offered me an upgraded Kenwood for $2000. Tech told me that the store had replaced several GM in-dash 6CD players and were problematic. I will discuss warranty replacement with dealer.

01-07-10, 11:32 AM
Thank you CCClark. Your response makes sense. This is an expensive car and I believe that it should be serviced only by the most qualified which is in most cases the dealer. I am wondering if the CD player is of the best quality given the car in which it is installed.

01-07-10, 02:43 PM
The CD changer is actually only half of the in-dash unit.
It is actually a pretty standard changer unit, it attaches to the bottom of the radio and has external cables that connect it to the nav unit.
It is kind of the same setup they use on the older SRX only with a different trim plate.

Be sure your dealership has some experience with XLR, they are put together a little differently than other cars.
I work on tons of them here.

01-13-10, 01:08 PM
Thank you again ewill3rd. As a Cad tech your imput is extremely important to me. I also want to know about window tint for my XLR-V. Does the dealer install a Pinnacle film that - like presciption glasses - turns light or dark with amount of sunlight. I need to tint the windows but do not want to interfere with the cars telematics. Cost?

01-13-10, 01:33 PM
GM doesn't do anything like that, as to whether or not the dealer would it would be on a case by case basis.
If you are local and you want to bring it here I would let you talk to a guy that we sublet our window tinting and pinstriping to.
If anyone can do that stuff it is him.

Whether or not it would interfere with any electrical systems I am sure he would consider when giving you an estimate.

01-13-10, 06:16 PM
Thank You ewill3rd. I am not local. I have now seen some of yoiur other comments as to window tint and what you did recommend was ceramic tint which does not interfere with any of the electronic systems. I just got the car back from my dealer today and they have ordered a replacement radio and CD unit. I am grateful for your very informative comments.

01-14-10, 08:30 AM
Thanks gads, let me know if you have any more questions.
I am fairly intimate with the XLR as I have many customers that rely on me to keep them going for them.