: ATL Gathering

Black Sunshine
01-06-10, 03:11 AM
Some of my gearhead B-body friends up in North GA want to get together next month to hang out for a while. We're debating on a mod day at a friend's shop in Roswell or an eatery over Duluth way. Looking for a car show to "dominate", too, if we can find one about that time. Maybe an afternoon caravan cruise into town to hang at the Varsity.

I'll be attending in the V. Anyone interested? If so, I'll keep you updated.

01-06-10, 09:36 PM
When do we have a date yet or is it just coming together? A caravan cruise sounds good, don't know if my lower GI can handle the Varsity though.

01-01-11, 09:49 AM
I am interested, I actually live in Roswell. I would like to see what you guys plan on doing. I have a 2001 STS Diamond white almost fully restored to new condition, just did the headliner, pillars, seats, dyed armests,etc. :want::want:

01-01-11, 11:00 AM
I think you're a year too late...

Black Sunshine
01-03-11, 09:41 AM
Yes, he's a year late but we could still put something together if there's enough interest.

02-03-11, 10:47 AM
the 30th annual Buick-Olds-Pontiac-Cadillac show is coming up 4/29-30 at the Hilton in Marietta. Thers usually 150 + cars,and lots of Caddys---very few Vs--Ill be there with my 2008 STSv--try and make it--tried attaching the flyer,but it wouldnt work--if interested send me a PM and ill send you the flyer
PS figured out how to atach the flyer

02-18-11, 04:55 PM
Booooo! I will be leaving for Puerto Rico that day. I would love to go and see everyone's whips/mods...oh well, if you guys go take lots of pics!!

02-22-11, 09:09 PM
I would be interested in going to the show at the end of April. Would forum members be attending as a group?

02-23-11, 03:17 PM
I have an Eldorado and a Roadmaster that like to show off. That show might not be a bad idea.

03-12-11, 10:43 AM
am I too late on this? lol

I have 11 v cpe. Lets all get together!