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08-10-04, 06:24 PM
Is this for real or what?


08-10-04, 06:46 PM
"Only 12 were produced" custom orders. The rest are probably wrecked by now.

08-10-04, 07:26 PM
Shrug. Prolly a custom shop had done a few. Doesnt do much for me.

08-10-04, 08:11 PM
Not the first Ive seen........but the one I saw was a later year.

08-10-04, 08:30 PM
I've seen many of these. 12 made, is not true. They were made here in New Jersey by a convertor. I personally have seen 8, counting this silver one. Also bright green; a bright blue; a maroon, 2 blacks, a white, this silver and a copper-gold. They were masterfully done, and a real work of art. The conversion was so flawless & seamless, you'd swear it was indeed factory made. A friend's father owned the bright green one, mentioned above. If I can recall, they were the price of two coupe deVilles ! (In 1970)

08-10-04, 09:26 PM
Does this company also do these conversions nowadays, as in the '93-96 Fleetwood wagon taxicab I saw once?

08-10-04, 10:32 PM
No, the company is long gone, owner dead. That was their only product, car-wise, they were a paint & textile corporation. They made these on 2 years, 1969 & 1970. The others, Pre- 1969 and after 1970 were other companies. I recall seeing the cars come in from Cadillac. I went to see them BEFORE the conversion. They were all ordered with the Trailer Tow Pkg & Leather, and the other typical 1969/1970s options. All ordered withOUT vinyl top and were sedan deVilles. They cut off the roof just past the rear door and mated to it a 1969-1970 GM full sized station wagon roof & windows and tailgate. In a clevor move (I thought) they wired the rear power window of the tailgate to the dash switch that had been for the rear defogger, really making it look factory. When I was there (1 time) I saw about 35 donar cars awaiting "beheading" ~ My guess would be about 100-125 were made per year, for 2 years. You see them in NJ as the plant was here.

08-11-04, 10:36 PM
Guys....this a real deal car ! These were sold and delivered thru Caddy dealers along with the elcamino type Caddies that were used as flower cars.

I think this one is a "Castillion" (spl?) conversion.

Heck.........There is a link posted somewhere around here that shows
all years these were made and by whom. Some great pics of them plus
custom ragtops also.


08-11-04, 11:03 PM
I would love one in Black!

08-11-04, 11:12 PM
Was it 2 or 3 rows of seating????

08-11-04, 11:47 PM
6 or 8 passenger 3+3+2

08-12-04, 02:06 AM
FOUND IT !!!!!!!!!!

Lots great Caddy Pics and info................
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