View Full Version : '01 Bose. Stock audio wiring hacked, what are my audio options?

01-05-10, 06:30 PM
Bought the car used, it had a "dual" cd player that only played on one speaker on the rear deck. Upon investigating, there was a new speaker wire run from the H/U to the rear deck speaker. Someone cut the stock radio harness, most likely tried to hook it up and didn't hear anything. They cut the wiring going to the amp and the processor. I've bought Bose radio, had it programmed with my VIN. I've check every audio fuse, bought replacement harness had everything hooked up and no sound. Double digit hours have been spent by knowledgeable people including the dealer and the consensus is that it's going to take too much time and money to chase down the problem. Also since it was such a hack job, wire could of been crossed blowing various things. So I want to start over, on the cheap.

To my understanding, there are 6 speakers? All four doors and the rear deck? The front doors and rear deck are 6.75"s and the front door need shallow depth speakers? Is this the lesser of all evils or should I try to re-wire the existing bose speakers?

Does anyone have any info of how to take off door panels, a good place to run the rear wiring and how to remove those trim pieces? Thanks