View Full Version : Odd radio problem in 2001 Base Deville

01-04-10, 02:05 PM
About a month ago the radio in my car went dead. Base unit, not the fancy one. The unit would tun on and then immediately turn itself off. I figured I had a blown power amp or a short somewhere. Until I got the money together I simply ran my Sirius radio into a portable stereo.


I went to Trinidad over the holidays to visit my family and when I returned, my battery was stone cold dead because I left my phone charger plugged in and the light on the charger drained the battery.


I get the battery charged, turn the car on and the radio fires right up!! LOL!!

Any idea what the problem could be? So I can keep this from happening again?

Thanks in advance.

01-04-10, 11:05 PM
That condition normally happens when you have an amplifier on the way out. The amp probably reset when the battery went dead. It's called logic lock. If it happens again, try disconnecteing the battery and touching the negative and positive cables together for about 20 seconds.

By the way, love T&T. I go every year.

01-05-10, 08:39 AM
It gets even more bizarre...LOL!!!

I bought the car a little over a year ago and never knew that the door locks were supposed to be automatic. looks like the reset of the system straightened that out as well. LOL!! now they work perfectly.:cookoo: