: Shutdown on the freeway.

01-03-10, 05:32 PM
Was on a SoCal freeway (debris-way!) and hit a retread of pretty good size. Car took the hit and ran about 30 miles to parked for a day. Didn't see any damage except minor hit on front grill, low. Did not see anything leaking out, but it was dark, could not see if there was any damage. Next morning, got back in it, went about 20 miles at freeway speed. All of a sudden, check engine light came on, engine shut down. No prior warnings of any kind.

Cruised to a stop, called a tow to local dealer. In for service tomorrow -we'll see.

Engine would start, run very rough, but not let me accelerate. Then it would not even start. Does the engine have a save itself feature? Did it hit the coolant, but not tell the driver?

OBTW, Cadillac Roadside was pretty unhelpful - will talk to Caddy about that later.

Gary Wells
01-03-10, 06:19 PM
Don't be bashful, what freeway at what location. I live in SoCal, travel quite a few of the SoCal freeways, and would like to avoid that that freeway. Freeways and roads are getting pretty bad out here. Sorry to hear of your experience though, and I had 2 similar experiences about a year ago on the 91 eastbound through Cerritos, one in my '02 C4 ZO6 DD at about 3 in the AM on the way to work. Same scenario, a large semi lost a sizable chunk of tread on the 91 Eastbound just coming on the Carmenita off-ramp, and another on the 91 Eastbound at about 6:00 AM in my turbo Buick, darn traffic cone out in the fast lane, I could not get away from it, and it broke loose my stock location intercooler mount on the driver side.

Mike 09 V
01-03-10, 07:05 PM
Cal freeways were the best in the world IMHO until Jarvis and his tax ideas. Now they are pretty crappy.

01-03-10, 11:08 PM
It was the 91! West bound at about 1600. What a mess. you would think they would at least TRY to keep it clear...

01-03-10, 11:17 PM
Does the engine have a save itself feature? Did it hit the coolant, but not tell the driver?

The car can put itself into 'safe' mode even with a simple thing like a wire connection unplugged. Were you able to select the different ride modes? Did you happen to notice your oil and water temps?


01-04-10, 01:06 AM
Did not notice any temp warnings or change in display. Just shut down.