: 1994 Seville SLS PCM Relearn

01-01-10, 10:19 AM
I am working on my parents 1994 Seville SLS with circa 140k on it. A local garage diagnosed it with a bad PCM and I have been elected to replace it. I have a few questions:
1) Where is the PCM located on this vehicle?
2) What is the PCM relearn procedure?
3) Where is the PCM diagnostic connector located?

07-25-10, 07:16 PM
Run a diagnostic test on it. Start your car. Push the OFF button on your temp control center and the RED Rectangular temp increase button "at the same time" This will put your speedometer area into the Diagnostic Control Center mode. Your computer will then do a scan. After each scanned item if theres no problem it will say OK. Or it will give a CODE. WRite that code dowm if it comes up. It could also say HISTORY wgich is OK also,

The PCM is the last item that will come up on the Scan and will often have a Question Mark after it? Thats common also. OR a code will come up. Take particular notice to whats being said here, since this is the area your concerned with.

Whats the car doing?


10-21-10, 01:06 AM
mine is getting the ? mark after pcm. what does that mean and would i have to reprogram it also?