: texas area shops

12-31-09, 03:04 PM
Hi to all
I have been waiting for the shops in texas to get a few builds under their belt. I called 21st century in Dallas in July and whoever answered the phone, I did not speak with John Page, knew little of the ctsv build esp. with automatics. I am aware of Fastlane shop in Houston but have no personal experience with the shop. My wants include 9.5- 10" crank pulley, ecu and tcm tune, stealth cam and possible various assundries. Any suggestions would be appreciated Many thanks and HAPPY SAFE NEW YEAR TO ALL

12-31-09, 05:34 PM
Since you have already talked to 21st Century I have two more DFW area shops I would recommend. First would be Quality Motorsports.
Here (http://www.quality-motorsports.com/) is a link to their site ( although it is under construction. ) I would speak with Patrick as he is the owner of the shop and also owns a 09 V. The second one is ADM Performance (http://www.admperformance.com/). The contact person their is Andy. Both places are very experienced in late model "high end" GM vehicles.

Gordy Petrovski
12-31-09, 08:23 PM
Both ADM & Quality are great shops,Andy @ ADM did my initial blower install & tune on my 05 & 100K miles later still love it,cant say enough about his professionalism & knowledge. Pat @ Quality has always been there when little things would arise & did a great job to fix them,I say talk to both & see what you think.

01-02-10, 09:11 AM
Thanks for the suggestions I will call both!

01-02-10, 10:36 AM
If none of those places work out for you, you could always make a drive over to us, and we can take care of anything you need. Even an engine build / swap takes less than 2 days. So downtime is extreamely small.. We can do, heads, cams, porting, snout swaps, you name it, we do it.. Also, we are half the price of most shops....... We even dyno tune cars for only $250... Which is half off also...

We have been trying to schedule everyone in on the days that work best for them. So it makes it easier on you. Also while you are here, you get to pick a car to drive around while we do the work.. Vipers, different ctsv's, mustangs, ect.....

01-02-10, 11:51 AM
I have used Patrick and Luke over at Quality Motorsports for 2 years. They done all the hot upgrades for my 08 Z06. They installed their famous much talked about Street Bully cam and ported and polished TB/intake, installed Kooks headers, installed Pfadt coilovers, oil changes, rear end oil changes and...washed the car after each and every service too. Patrick and Luke both worked for John Page over at 21st Century Musclecars. Luke worked as a driveline specialist for Classic Chevrolet in Grapevine for a number of years. Both are very LS motor experienced and drive what they love, Corvettes. For Patrick, the owner, an 09 CTS-V as well.

01-03-10, 02:58 PM
I to would suggest Quality. They did my cam, twice actually :) They worked over night once to get my stock cam back in before i had my exploded diff replaced under warranty. They did my headers, nitrous tune, clutches and slave cylinders. Always did great work and were available at almost any hour. I havent seen his 09 yet, but i think he was planning on swapping out the rear gears? They also do routine maintenance on some stock cars that i think run out at Motorsport Ranch? Anyway very knowledgeable and cool guys over there. Patrick, Luke, and Josh are who i worked with most but everyone there was great to deal with

01-04-10, 05:57 PM
Does anyone know about any good performance shops in the Austin area? I would like to have the pulley work done on my V2 as well as some tranny work done on my '68 Camaro.

01-05-10, 01:55 AM
Check out Paschal Performance. The owner Clifford has an 09 V, which he just did some bolt ons to. Order from him before, great customer service and knows what he's doing. He's been around for a while.. Has a good Reputation with the Ford guys! Check out his page www.paschalperformance.com or give him a call (979) 865-0231