: Problem disconnecting call...

12-31-09, 07:48 AM
I made a cell call from my V via Bluetooth connection last night but after ending the call the screen on the Nav still showed me connected. I kept pressing the disconnect button but had no response. XM radio station came back on however the steering wheel controls were not functioning…you know…press the far right button once to mute the radio or press and hold to activate the virtual assistant. I turned off and back on my cell phone to reset the Bluetooth connect but it had no effect on the problem so I made a call directly from the cell phone hoping the car will pick up the connection but again it did not work. Once I got home, I turned the car off, waited a minute or so and turned it back on…no change. I went into the house and 15 – 20 minutes later returned to the car, started it and the problem was gone (cell phone was still in the car).

I’ve made hundreds of calls from my car using the Bluetooth connection and never had this happen. I wanted to check the collective experiences of the forum before taking it to the dealer and being without the V for several days…not to mention receiving the usual “cannot duplicate problem” response at the end of those days.

Anyone come across this?

12-31-09, 09:01 AM
First off, this sounds like a major issue and I think your car should be lemon lawed and crushed. If it has Recaro's I want them before they crush the car though.
No seriously, I have not had this issue occur but have had other "buggy" issues with the audio system that always seem to correct themselves. I'm sure your Bluetooth connection just got confused in some way (does happen sometimes). Will probably not re-occur and certainly will not show up when you take the car into the dealer. Therefore, I would suggest that you re-establish your Bluetooth connection to your phone and monitor the situation. If it becomes a common issue then take it in for service.

Jack B
12-31-09, 12:06 PM
I have had the odd time when it seemed the bluetooth function was confused. It's always been a temporary situation and has been only once every couple of months. Yesterday I had the opposite situation. The steering wheel controls would not activate the bluetooth function and yet when I called using the phone the car picked up the call. Afterwards everything was normal again including the steering wheel controls. I assume if I took it to a dealer they would not be able to find such an intermittent situation and all I would be doing is wasting my time?

01-01-10, 02:49 PM
Thanks guys...I appreciate your inputs.

Happy New Year to all!

01-01-10, 08:40 PM
I have had similar problem a couple of times. Had same problem on my Bimmer. Chalked it up to my phone (Blackberry). If I pop the battery our of the phone for about 5 seconds it seems to clear the problem.

01-02-10, 11:51 AM
I've had the same problem occasionally. Had to disconnect the call from the phone itself a few times. Like somebody said earlier, it's likely an issue with the system interfacing with a particular phone (in my case an HTC Touch Pro2).