: 2002 seville radio question

12-30-09, 03:54 AM
Just bought 2002 seville sls with non bose cd/cas. h/u.The paint is worn off of some of the buttons on the h/u as well as the climate control. Can the non bose h/u simply be swapped out for a bose head unit? the car has onstar if that makes any difference. I fiqure while I have the h/u out I will replace the climate control also. Can't stand looking at the unit at night with the paint off(all the white)

Thanks for the help.

12-30-09, 11:02 AM

I had typed up a big long reply w/lots of details but the page timed out when I tried to post it and I lost all that I typed:banghead::banghead::bonkers:

Anyway, I'll summarize/give you the short story. No I dont think you can replace the non-Bose h/u with a Bose one. Bose has a unique setup where each speaker has its own amplifier (the amp is next to the speaker, in the door etc.) so the Bose h/u should send pre-amp signals (non amplified) to each speaker b/c the amp at each speaker location will amplify the pre-amp signal so the speaker can play it.

Bose is the only one that I know of that does this...The non-Bose h/u either has an amp built into it to amp the sound for all the speakers or there is a seperate amp behind the h/u somewhere that does all the amplification...
If you swap the h/u for a Bose, the Bose h/u will send pre-amp signals to the speakers and you will barely be able to hear it.

Also, there are some issues w/the headunit being integrated into the cars computer system and the car gets mad when you remove the h/u.

Hope this helps

12-30-09, 01:26 PM
Thank you for the information.

12-30-09, 02:53 PM
Good head units can be found fairly cheap on eBay all the time...make sure the unit you get is the 02-04 model. 98-01 is different.

12-30-09, 10:39 PM
Although it does not say on it you have BOSE. All post ‘98 Sevilles have the HU and the RIM configuration. The ‘98-’01 had the BOSE logo while the newer did not.
The one thing important you need to see is the Theftlock logo. That is on all units after ‘98. This means that you can not just buy an identical unit and stick it into the dashboard. When new and first powered in the particular car the unit reads the VIN from the PCM and stores it permanently. Each time is started again it will ask the PCM for the VIN and if it matches the one stored it means is in the same car it was installed originally if not will not start and display “THEFTLOCK ENABLED”. Also will pop up an error code to the IPC and you will get the message “Theft lock activated car may not restart”.
To fix this you need to take the car to the dealer (or who ever owns a TECHII tool – important TECH II not an aftermarket scan tool no matter how fancy it is). The TECH II is the only one sending a special command to the HU to clear the storred VIN (thus starting for 0). This will cost around $50, some dealers might do it as a customer curtesy (if you service the car for years in there) and some may charge up to $100. Also the dealer will not touch the car unless you show a legal proof of purchase for the HU witch will state the VIN of the donor vehicle. This VIN is not required to the actual VIN removal process but the dealer will ask for it (for the records).
Alternatively you can just purchase a VERY good looking unit off e-bay no matter if working or not (no matter the year after ’98 but preferably post ’01 as the RDS logo is in a different location) and just harvest the buttons, the face plate and what ever other parts you like. As long as you keep the motherboard you don’t need to do the VIN thing. So you can change the whole faceplate (display buttons and all) the CD and tape module, just remember keep that original motherboard.

12-31-09, 07:04 PM
I'm pretty sure that the Bose system was still optional on the SLS. It was standard on the STS.

12-31-09, 08:54 PM
I'm pretty sure that the Bose system was still optional on the SLS. It was standard on the STS.

Hey chazglenn3, I think you are right as I remember there was a strange In-Dash CD with tape and no DSP HU. Had no RDS and instead of the RDS (amber rectangle) button there was a MUTE button.
I think it was available in the ’98 – ’99 model years, not sure after. Once the Deville body was changed they introduced a non BOSE HU w/o tape (CD player only) and I believe w/RDS(?!?). That was available on the new DHS, I have never seen the combo unit after that on Seville (nor the new non-BOSE Deville unit in Seville).
Now I realized, if you have ’96 – ’97 non-BOSE HU, you can retrofit this SLS unit so you get In-Dash CD. The Theftlock should work just fine (if cleared).