: 96 eldorado

08-09-04, 08:59 PM
i have a 96 eldorado that has running on thr hot side and once the low oil pressure light came on and the display read stop engine ,i did this restarted the car and code was gone.now it seems the transmission is slipping,when i get up to about 40-50 mph it feels like the trans disengages and when i let off the accelarator it reengages.any ideas??????car has 114k oil changed every 3k 100k maintanece done on it this cars engine seems sound..no knocks or dingging .would appreciate any feedback...Thanks jon :hmm:

08-10-04, 08:19 AM
Welcome Jon!
Seems to me I have heard this before. Try searching the forums, I'm sure you will find your answer. Good luck.

08-11-04, 11:50 PM
Visit our SEVILLE/ELDO forum...

The thing with the hot pass side is a mix door, not a bad fix... Sometimes you can unstick if you move it all the way hot and then all the way down...

Low oil pressure is probably an oil swtich, fairly common...

Last thing is probbaly shift solenoids.....