: Seriously wanna remove my Nightvision equipment.

12-28-09, 11:54 PM
ok fellas.
i have a 2002 dts deville LOADED and with nightvision...however i dont use the NV and dont want it.

i want to remove it and trade it for a regular dts grill (DTS blue onyx ) regular dts dash pad in black leather (w/out hud cutout) and under steering wheel trim pad in black leather (without nv switches and cut out) and of course some cash....
if i cant find even trades ill just sell the NV equipment etc..(without dash pad and under steering wheel trim.

seem fair? i think so.

wut you guys think? how hard would removal be?
any interested parties?

12-29-09, 08:55 AM
what price you expecting for whole kit? I have blue onyx grill but probably it costs arm and leg to ship it from Europe :)

01-05-10, 01:59 AM
well i dunno....1st i wanna know if itll be difficult to remove it. then well see about price

01-05-10, 10:10 AM
what do you want to accomplish by removing it? why not just turn it off completely?
and leave it?

01-05-10, 11:43 AM
i never use it so no use in having it and wanna sell it because someone might want it who needs it.
i live in LA SO cal. so no use for this ( we hav no rural areas).

01-05-10, 12:54 PM
i want to find a night vision camera. but i only really wanted the camera.
Plus. i dont have a stock grille and my dash pad is peeling on the sides ( like most do).
otherwize i would.

01-05-10, 04:23 PM
ah man...so ur saying that u match my requirements? how bout pics of dash, under sterrig wheel trim and grill?

01-06-10, 12:02 AM
i will get dash pics. the underwheel trim
i wrecked my old one but i can get you a new grille any ways.

01-07-10, 02:27 PM

01-07-10, 04:48 PM
hmmmmm looks good to me. how bout teh grill......
now, how much work would the uninstall be....anyone???

01-07-10, 11:53 PM
i dont have the stock grille
but i dont have a issue buying one for ya!

what pannel are you refering too that has the switch for the NV?

01-08-10, 10:34 AM
im talking about the panel thats in your 1st picture.

01-08-10, 02:27 PM

01-09-10, 10:06 AM
okay so.
what kind of extra money would you be talking about.
I am not really ready to pull my dashboard apart. so if you want we could do the trade less the dash pad swap.

so i give you a new grill- under dash pad and how much extra money?
in return i get the nv camera, underdash pad and some wireing like the plugs and connectors so i can run my own wires?

01-11-10, 06:27 PM
well -
-the dash pad is a must cuz i dont want to have the HUD cutout on mine if i dont need it, and ur not gonna want to cut ur pad up. (xchange is easier)
-The under steering wheel trim
-the grill and
all NV neccassry equipment and wiring.
btw...i dunno wut the entire equipment is worth so ill have to find out then ill give u a reasonable cash amount.
however, if any removal of the nv might end up messing up my car the uninstall is off.

09-22-11, 01:29 AM
Please email me at aaron.mosdal@us.army.mil I would really like to purchase this nv camera from you. Thank you, I have 400 dollars to spend.