: Key Fob on 95 FWB stopped working.

12-28-09, 12:55 PM
My key fob has stopped working, I replaced the battery, size 2025.
It still does not work.:ill:
Any suggestions??

12-28-09, 08:53 PM
First rule out if the actual fob is bad so test if the other key fob is working.
Say the key fob is the culprit (i.e. the other key fob works). In this case swap the batteries. This should tell you if the new battery is good.
Say the battery is good then take the PCB out and clean up the side where the rubber button sit on using a Q-Tip impregnated with alcohol. Assemble the key fob and test if is working. If still not working then disassemble again and clean up the inner side of the rubber buttons (there is a small round black pill). Clean up that pill very, very carefully not to wipe the black stuff of the rubber (donít press hard on the Q-tip and only do the minimum wipes required). Assemble again the key fob and test all buttons.
If not working then just swap the rubber mat (buttons) between the two remotes.
You can rule out this was if is the PCB or the rubber mat contacts.
Just to be EXTRA sure the PCB is gone assemble the key fob without the rubber mat (the buttons). Take some aluminum foil (or the metal foil from a chocolate) roll it in a small ball of an appropriate size so you can push it thro the button opening to contact the PCB but still be able to remove-it. Use this ball to simulate the buttons and make contact.
If even with the aluminum foil still makes no contact Ö well the PCB is gone.
You can inspect the PCB for cracks or cold connections on the surface mounted components. If you have a heat gun you can put the PCB on a flat surface with the component side up and blow hot air for 10 seconds or so to redo all the soldered connections. That is the last you can do before buying a new one.
Now if none of the remotes is working then is the RFA module or the PCM.
First try to lock/unlock the doors with the key. Do all doors lock? If no I would check the Power Door lock relay, the LH Front Door Unlock Relay and the Convenience 20A fuse.
Also test if the fuel door and trunk release works (from the buttons on the dashboard).
If all works from the buttons but not from the key fob then is the RFA.
Go straight to the Comfort 10A fuse, if good then check your RFA module (if you get power to the module and the data wires are not compromised).

01-09-10, 02:33 PM
I figured out what was wrong the key fob.

The car was in the basement when I trying to use the key fob.
I took the car out today for a little spin today.

The key fob worked in the driveway.

I put the car back in the basement, key fob quit working.


Oh Well.