: 'no FOBS found'

Harry Yarnell
12-28-09, 11:54 AM
My '05 has been sitting in the garage for two months while I got a new hip; now it's time to get the 'ol girl out, and it won't start. 'No FOBS found' message on the IPC. Niether FOB will work. Battery's fully charged. Now what?:crying2:

Harry Yarnell
12-28-09, 03:14 PM
Well apparently 2.7 volts on the FOB battery isn't enough. Fresh batteries did the trick.

12-29-09, 08:08 AM
Those require 3.0 volts to work, on that type of battery when the voltage falls they are no good and the transmitters won't work.

With low batteries you can always slide the transmitter into the pocket at the left of the glove box and even if the battery is dead the car will see it in that spot.