: traction light is on

12-28-09, 12:12 AM
okay... So My tc light comes on and limits me to like 2k rpms for the first fifteen minutes of driving... and then it stops goes away and lets me pound the heck out of the car... what is happening???

01-03-10, 11:18 PM
When the light is on for a second or two traction control is working, but if it is constantly on the traction control is off. I just replaced my radiator and had a leak at the atf cooling hose that goes into the radiator. When the fluid got really low the light would come on and the tc off button didn't work. I have since fixed the leaked and the button functions and the light stays off unless I gun it and the tires want to slip or if I turn it off. Might be time to check the fluid. Just my tiny bit of experience worth a shot.