: Might be Buying V - some questions

///M Eater
12-27-09, 10:10 PM
Hey guys, first off, Merry (late) Christmas.

Second, I was cruising by a Caddy dealership and saw a 07 sts-v with 30k for 30k! I did a double take. Since the day I saw this car for the first time, I was in love but I couldn't see myself dropping close to 80k into one car, I have too many other projects/cars to play with. But now since its down the less than half that, I'm all in.
I just have a few questions, this will be my daily driver, winter car (with a set of winter tires/wheels of course), rain car, everyday car. I know Cadillac's do fine for DD but how does the V-series hold up to this?

It will be beaten on, I mean come on, its a supercharged V8! How do the trannies and drivetrain hold up to some, abuse?

I will probably throw on some bolt on's (intake or filter, exhaust, maybe a W4M Tune I read about). What ballpark figure for RWHP/RWTQ rating am I looking at for these?

I hear people have some problems with the TC such as cutting SEVERE engine power and having trouble merging and things. If I press the TC OFF button, is it 100% off or is it just slightly tollerant?

Also, what is this unplugging of wires above the rear wheel for? Why must this be done?


12-27-09, 11:57 PM
1) yes they hold up as a DD. My 06 has 70k on the odo and the interior still looks like new. Still runs as well as the day i got it. I have 13 and 9 year old boys. Ihave the tengo red interior and the red still looks new.
2) mine has had a race tune on for a year now and no problems. I drive it hard the wife drives it easy. my rear tires show how hard I drive it.
3) I have CAi stage 1 and 2 with a tune. exhaust coming in 2010 havent dyno'd it. some people have with these mnods but it is noticable.
4) never 100|% off unless you disconnect the rear wheel sensors. With TC off its quite tolerant.
5) it completely disables TC and Stabilitrac system. Only way to dyno the car.

12-27-09, 11:57 PM
PS i had mine since it had 4k on the odo

12-28-09, 12:41 AM
I am disapointed in the winter traction but that could be due to the aftermarket goodyear al seasons I am running. The tranny and engine died on mine within 2 weeks of owning it but the new setup seems to be holding up fairly well. So far I am the only one that has gone thru a powertrain si I am guessing I had a faulty setup. W4M tune took care of the sluggish throttle and shifting so hey for $30,000 thats a decent price.

12-28-09, 10:33 AM
$30k? Man, the depreciation on these things is just frightening. Be sure to run a car-fax. I found what I thought was a screaming deal on a 2007 about a year ago, and found out it was a factory buy-back under a lemon law. I don't know what the problem was, but it that info was enough for me to pass on the car.

12-28-09, 11:35 AM
I would buy a CPO to get the extended warranty on the car.


12-29-09, 08:27 AM
My bigger issue isn't the build quality of the car, it's the dealership's service department damaging the car when they have it.