View Full Version : 94 FWB rear right window fell down

12-27-09, 06:08 PM
I was driving yesterday, and when I decided to roll down the window just slightly, the window slowly started slipping down into the door.

So my question is, is the job taking off the door panel difficult to do? Because I'm afraid of messing up the panel after I take it off. I know it's the regulators, can anyone tell me how long it usually takes to fix, and what tools I need to safely replace the little rollers.


12-27-09, 06:22 PM
hmmm my front passenger door on my 95 done the same thing yesterday. its a plastic clip that slides in the window track, common problem. usually just 1 breaks. ebay has the clips 4 for $26 plus shipping font know till tommorow what cadillac charges

you need a c-clamp or something to press it on the lift arm.

as for the door panel. the window is already down so thats good

1 screw behind the open handle. 2 screws behind the pull handle. unplug the door lock switch/ handle light/ and tweeter and remove that panel. get a fork tool and pop the plastic clips out behind the panel and lift up

01-02-10, 06:26 AM
Hey thanks CaddyPimpin, I got the window fixed, it took me awhile to get the old broken clips out. Using a plain old flat head to pry open the crimped part of the trailing arm didn't work for me even when pounding it with a hammer, so I used some pliers to bend the crimped section enough for the old rollers to come out.

I used a small c-clamp to press in the ball stud to the rollers which worked perfectly vs vise grips which was nearly impossible use.