View Full Version : Northstar head gasket issues

12-27-09, 05:15 PM
I recall a post a while back indicating that to ameliorate, if not eliminate, the the head gasket problem in the NS, Cadillac had modified the NS. Is my recollection correct and, if so, what year did this mod take effect?

12-27-09, 06:52 PM
first it was year 2000, next it was year 2003
in 2000 the extended the bolts.
in 2003 i beleive they had the extended bolts as well as diffrent thread pitch.

12-30-09, 11:38 PM
Thread pitch was in '04.

12-31-09, 07:52 AM
Would it be safe to say that by model year 2005, the gasket issue was improved as much as it is going to be and that the root causes of the problem have been significantly remediated?

12-31-09, 11:24 AM

12-31-09, 11:40 AM
Thank you. I need to get a new weekend car as the Eldo is pretty much disassembling itself. '05 and '06 Devilles with super low mileage are going at fire sale prices around here and one would suit me well until I retire in a couple of years and buy what will possibly be my last car.