: 94 Fleetwood TC & ABS issues

425 Dual Quad
12-26-09, 06:03 PM
Guys, Hi! Happy Holidays!!

Curious issue with the Traction Control and ABS on my 94 Fleetwood. Been going on a while. I thought it resolved but it's not.

Year ago, wife went thru a puddle that would have cleaned upstairs windows! Orange ABS & TC light came on about 15 minutes after.

I had the left rear wheel sensor wiring cleaned out and dried out (we drive on the left here!) - I think she knocked some wiring out and all seemed well.

However it does it's 4 mph checks OK. I've noticed with all the snow recently that if you drive carefully the blue Traction Active light comes on indicating the TC is working. If you accellerate moderately no orange warning lights come on.

However if you mash the gas with almost full bore after 5 seconds or so I can feel something graunching very slightly under the car and the two orange ABS and Traction Control lights come on.

Also when I switched the car off I could hear a compressor running on. Quite a loud compressor noise and coming from the left front of the engine compartment. This is where the ABS pump is on the '93 (and same on the 94?) but I wouldn't have through the compressor would be that lound. It sounded more like the level ride compressor.

At no time have I had a red Brake warning light on so I'm deducing the trigering is from the rear since this is where the TC sensors are linked and the TC and ABS work in tandem.

Any idea what is happening please and how I can fit it ASAP?

Secondly, it has it's annual inspection on the 11th Jan. Is there any way I can disable the orange warning lights just so they don't come on during the test? Switching the TC off in the glove box sets a trouble code and puts the wanring lights on.
A buddy suggested taking the bulbs out. Looking in the 93 FWB FSM I have it looks pretty complicated to get in there to get to the dash cluster and the wiring and even then I'm not sure there are actual bulbs in the warning lights, or even if I can get to them in the cluster.

Advice please!!

Thanks all, Nick

425 Dual Quad
01-07-10, 04:41 PM
Hi Guys,
Does anyone have any ideas on this please?
regards & thanks, Nick

01-07-10, 07:02 PM
happy new year

if you just want to remove the bulbs
thats easy,
the plastic wood grain cover pulls off
its held by clips then you remove a couple torx srews and
the bulbs are there, helps to put the tilt wheel all the way down
and the trans shifter down

I would still think wheel sensor
Ill look into the shop man see if it sheds some light
did you get the oil level sensor in??

01-07-10, 10:31 PM
Nick, I feel for you - - hope you find the answer. We're rooting for you!!! :)

425 Dual Quad
01-08-10, 05:34 PM
Jim, all, Hi!
Yes I went and got the Fleetwood back this morning. A buddy had been putting some new Dynomax muflers on it while I was in the UK for Christmas and put the oil level sensor and oil pressure sender in for me at the same time.
So, yes Jim it was the right part and it fits, thanks very much indeed.

It looks like Canada here! Snow and ice everywhere so I had the opportunity to test the traction out. When it was damp in the salt spray it tripped the orange warning lights but on getting back closer to home and on hard snow the ABS works fine and the traction fine (the blue light came on and the revs cut)
I'm off to another buddy's tororrow to get it up in the air, clean it all out with switch cleaner, look for wire and insulation breaks and corrosion and then take the dash apart and pull the bulbs.
I was looking in the manual about how to remove the dash bezel and unit to get at the bulbs. Good that they are actually bulbs and not one integrated cluster?

Thanks for your support Bro-Ham!
regards, Nick