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12-24-09, 07:14 PM
New member here, and new owner of a used 94 Cadi DeVille! There are a lot of forums here, so I tried to find the one that might make sense to post in. I have owned nothing but Camaros and just sold mine, and bought a used Cadillac. Looks like everything is all original with around 148,000 miles on it. My question is... I understand it is a 4.9 L, and from what I have read it should be a Northstar motor. I had a Camaro with a V8 305, what would this be, a V8 what? 305, 350? I looked everywhere and can't seem to find this out. I feel silly. :banghead: :hmm: :crying2:

12-24-09, 07:59 PM
The '94 Deville had two possible engines. The 4.9L was the only engine offered with the base Sedan Deville, but if yours is the Deville Concours, then you get the 4.6L Northstar. The 4.9 is an 16 valve OHV engine....lots of low end torque, great reliability. The Northstar is a completely different engine, it's a 32 valve DOHC engine....not as much low end torque, but it's a screamer on the highway....downright FAST!

Pop the hood, it'll be easy to tell then.

4.9 looks like this:

Northstar looks like this:
http://i.ebayimg.com/11/!!fVhuIQ!WE~$(KGrHqYOKjQEq5Ky,W1jBK5i6(tsY!~~_4.JP G

The 4.9 is an even 300 cubic inches. The Northstar is 279.

12-25-09, 06:20 PM
'94 Deville has the 4.9.