: Eaton Supercharged V6

12-23-09, 06:05 PM
Just looking at superchargers off the Cobalt SS and thought of a great idea. I've wanted to turbo my car but lack of $$$ to do it. Instead i've thought of a more inexpensive way to boost my car. Supercharge it. The 3800 Series motor ran with a supercharger. There's one specific that is used in many other applications that would not require a fabricated intake manifold. Check this out. The is off of www.e-b-tuning.de under the Kadett 4x4 Kompressor.


Seen what they've done and even on youtube they have 2 videos of this monster. 1 with the engine compartment visible and the other as he's taking off from launch. Reletively simple and less expensive than a turbo and less hassles.

Right now im getting ready to start the rebuild process. Rebuilding everything from the oil pan to the intake. Every gasket replaced and every surface cleaned. Also new timing components, sensor, the whole nine. What's more important is im going to have Head Gasket spacers made. Lowering the compression ration to say around 8.5 or 9.0 to 1. Safely supercharging is my aim. Going to have a bracket fabbed and pulleys, belts measured.

After all that, mount the SC to the pass, side of engine where the mount is to lift the engine out. Next will be the pulleys and timing components. Air intake system will be revamped to accomodated all sensors, Heat Exchanger [intercooler], intake plumbing for intake and compressed air to heat exchanger and then to manifold.

After that's all done [who know when] i'll have a dyno and possibly a tune done. May need to upgrade fuel pump and plugs. Going to also run a better wieght oil for lubrication. Input/ ideas thoughts on this. I'm going to do it but it's going to take time.

12-24-09, 02:35 AM
Sounds like an optimistic project with a plan. Who am I kidding- I'm building a carbureted 383 for god's sake!
But seriously, both Kadett and Cobalt use a 2.0 4 cylinder. Are you sure the same supercharger is enough for a noticeable gain on a 3.0 V6? If you are done before my car goes into the shop for the swap, I'll race you in my car- 50-shot besides other things... I've been known to send cars that run "14's" (WRX's, Civic's and such...) back to riceland :D
With about 9.0:1 compression you are safe on low-mid boost, but getting to that CR is not easy. I would throw a set of cams and probably do some head work, in addition to manifold polishing and throttle body enlargement. Fuel pressure regulator is another thing you may want to look into. Just some thoughts.
I'd love to have a supercharger on mine, so hopefully your dedication will bring some of us long-awaited results.
Good luck and keep us posted :thumbsup:

12-24-09, 12:26 PM
I've given everything serious thought. Yes, fuel pressure regulator is more than likely going to go in. I guess i forgot to mention the supercharger needed, it's an Eaton M90 specifically used off of the Ford Thunderterd, uhm Thunderbird. It's a 3.8 v6 [kinda like the 3800 series with supercharger]. I was going to get an Eaton M62, then i found that site that has the modifications listed in the gallery. An Eaton M90 was used. Good thing is i can easily get one off eBay for $200 good condition.

With that an $80 SC Rebuild kit and no worries with that. As far as CR goes, yea it might be a pain but not too troublesome. Read a forum where this guy in Britian has his own shop and everything. Build headgasket spacers himself by doing some calculations. Gonna look into that with shops around here.

Also, i was wondering if the Saturn style intake for this would be an improvement or not. I'm thinking not so much as i would keep the variable intake for perfomance measuring purposes. I will see if the power is better with or without it. Throttle bodies... the one on the car can be enlarged? That would be awesome. Was looking a mustang GT throttle bodies and they have a similar dual barrel opening.

But yes i'll be doing some exhaust work as well. Head work and cams will take a bit longer, but willing to do it. This car is my daily driver, with 155,000 on her. Partly why i'm rebuilding her so she can last for another 100,000 and of course the SC. I'm glad to see that you think this is great. Oh yea, if it is done before yours, i'll gladly take that offer. Now, do you race on a strip or more like highway? I can do both so its no prob!! :devil:

12-24-09, 01:21 PM
You can try to do a larger throttle body yourself. I was working on one and had it almost finished, but ran out of time and decided to do the V8 swap, so I tossed all the parts out. I think the factory plates are 52mm (?) I was going with 58mm(?) Can't remember now.
I run my car from a 20-25mph roll to about 115. Can't really do a light to light, even though it's much quicker off the light now and V6 Mustangs take a good ass-whooping :D
With the British Pound ratio being still kind of low, I would definitely consider cams. I ALMOST got them a year ago, when the pound was like$1.40- that would have been $500 or so for the cams.
Keep up the posts.

12-24-09, 07:38 PM
I was considering enlarging the throttle body and the intake ports on the manifold and heads but didn't really look into it. I'm just going for the engine rebuild and adapting the supercharger on and driving it like that. The other things like headers, cats, cams, on and on... will come later. Currently unemployed but putting in applications all this week.

One thing is right now i can't take off for anything. This car flies with the larger v8 style Spectre filter and resonator delete with an H-pipe, no mufflers. Hit sport and it makes the rear end of the car sway a bit! I'm thinking that it maybe my spark plugs. Had to get the cheapest ones a while back 'cause i was low on cash. They are the Singe tip Bosch. I ran the +4 for the longest time and they were great, however i'm probably frying the ones i have now..lol. Either way i'm going to get new wires, plugs, and ignition coil. Have a used but good MAF off of eBay Powerseller so it's good but i have that Sputtering as i accelerate mildly or hard from a stop.

Well, here's some entertainment and what i plan on doing....
Making some nice headers/ downpipes like these: