: General Motors non-engine Software

12-23-09, 05:40 PM
Hi there- is anyone aware of any source code, documentation or data on the GM software that is used in the DIC and/or the nav? I am interested in what else can be displayed, and if any third party tools can be integrated into the nav/DIC.

12-23-09, 10:08 PM
Anything you would find would be from our own tinkering. What i did to find good locations to start was, Download the tis update via the internet for the dash. It had 2 settings for turning on or off the temperature.. Then, unzip the files to get them into useable bins, then in the cal area, do a compare and you will see the locations to start with while playing around. Then after you are done, fix the checksum and rezip it, then use tis to flash it back in... It also gives you an idea where to start looking for things while using ida pro to emulate the cpu in the dash.. Just look for a jump to that location then backtrack from there..

12-24-09, 09:55 AM
Great, thanks! Would you happen to have the links to the downloads?