: To replace or repair the n. star

08-09-04, 12:53 PM
I have a 96 seville sts that has a probable bad head gasket (hydro carbons in coolant) . My car has 112,000 miles on it. i am trying to decide to replace the engine with a used motor with 63,000 miles that a local shop will install complete for 2500.00 including the motor, or should i invest in time serts into mine. The new motor sounds best but should I be worried about head gaskets with that too? Or is the milage too low for this problem.

08-09-04, 02:56 PM
63K is not a lot of miles but the question is, what year did it come out of? Is it compatable with your car? Was the cooling system maintained?

08-09-04, 04:50 PM
The thing they were concerned with was the 8th digit of the serial number of the car either a 9 or a y. I assume that determines if its compatible

08-10-04, 02:11 AM
The code is important as the differential gears are different also but only certain year ranges interchange, The sensors and sensor mounting is different so you cannot swap sensors if the year range is wrong. There was a thread by Bbobynski about this a while ago.

It's amazing that ALL the used engines have 63,65 or 67K !

I think it was on this board that someone did a carfax on a 65k engine and found the car had at least 125K miles! It must have done the last 60K with the engine out.

If you go with a used engine it's worth the $20 to do a Carfax on the serial and see what it shows.

If your engine was running well before the headgasket problem and you changed oil fairly regularly I would go with the timeserts & new gaskets. N* should go at least 200K if you take any care of it. The headgaskets seem to be the only problem and you have no idea what the used (not new) engine is like. The timeserts fix the stripped threads and make the block better than new.

What price did they quote for a repair job?

08-10-04, 03:30 AM
ive been thinking about this also.. it money permits. id like to go with a new engine so i know the history of it. like zonie was saying. its what, about twice as much as a 65k motor with half the miles.. seems like a good idea. maybe even get a warranty on it too. then i;d mate it with a rebuilt transmission with a few performance parts.. i saw a neat little slip differental.

08-10-04, 08:31 AM
The problem I have is I dont know the history of the motor I have. I bought the car with the head gasket problem so it seems. The way im looking at it is the new motor that hopefully has 63 k on it Im at least getting a 4 mos warrantee, on everything. Can an engine serial numbers be traced using carfax or do you need the serial numbers off the car it was in?

08-10-04, 03:48 PM
The serial 'number' of the car is the same as the serial 'number' of the engine. I'm not sure how to determine the year of the car though. The whole sequence that makes up the serial may not be on the engine though.